Cozy Christmas Vibes at Our Place


Christmas at our house in Seattle is all about cozy vibes and family fun, especially with the usual rainy backdrop outside. As the city lights up with holiday sparkle, our home turns into our own little festive bubble.

The big day kicks off with the kids racing to the tree, super excited to see what Santa's dropped off. Their giggles and amazed faces are just the best, totally making the season feel magical. We all huddle around the tree, with its twinkling lights, and dive into the presents, feeling like big kids ourselves.

Then comes my favorite part - breakfast! Think cinnamon-y smells and nutmeg vibes, all while we chow down on pancakes and slurp hot cocoa. It's these chill moments, just hanging out with the fam, that mean the most.

We keep the day rolling with our fave Christmas traditions - belting out carols (off-key, but who cares?), swapping stories, and taking a lazy stroll around the neighborhood to check out everyone's decorations. It's all about staying connected, celebrating what's important to us, and just enjoying being together.

Our Christmas? It's not about being fancy or perfect. It's about the laughs, the hugs, and those small moments that make our family story special. Here's to a holiday filled with all the good stuff - joy, peace, and loads of fun with the ones we love. Happy Christmas, everyone!

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