MyHiveGoals2023 x #IAmAliveChallenge | Larry's Hunting! - Monday, December 25, 2023


This is MyHiveGoals 2023 Monday, December 25, 2023

Start point: Update due to something:

Token Start Amount Goals Percentage Weekly Progress
Hive Power (HP) 1,336.896 HP 2,818.726 HP 2,500 HP DONE -
LOLZ 235.1 LOLZ 2,563.431 LOLZ 1,024 LOLZ DONE -
LUV 16 LUV 750 LUV 750 LUV DONE -
Play Gamer (PGM) 13.79 PGM 2,500 PGM 5,000 PGM 50.00% +1.00%
I am Alive (ALIVE) 5.397 AP 7,075 AP 10,000 AP 70.75% +2.25%

Merry Christmas to those who celebrating and Happy Holiday everyone! My template and plan for MyHiveGoals2024 are already completed. Last 1 week again and It's good to see that some of them are already increasing without any concerns. PGM and ALIVE are not complete and with the information that I have so far... I won't continue PGM and will continue to ALIVE to 15k.

It's time to make another draft for 2024 especially since there is something that I am thinking of doing in 2024. Have fun everyone with your strategy.

Btw, I'm leveling up my PGM! Level 4 -> Level 5. I don't know if the PGM badge is still available or not, I just asked it on the channel and left it for now 😂.

Leveling tokens result so far until today:

  • LOLz | Level 6 - Superstar
  • LUV | Level 6 - LUV Legend
  • PGM | Level 5
  • PIZZA | Level 2
  • ALIVE | Level 2

That's a great improvement for me and I'm happy with that. Those levels mean I can use LOLz tipping bot 10/day + LUV Tipping bot 10/day + PGM Tipping bot 10/day + PIZZA Tipping bot 10/day + ALIVE Tipping bot 20/day. I use it based on the context. LOLz ofc for something funny, LUV for loving or caring things, PGM for gaming, PIZZA for food and party, and ALIVE ofc for any alive activity that we always do to stay living in this world!

What's next? Well, for LOLz, PGM, and PIZZA. I let them increase by themselves. LOLz have Dividend rewards and I get 0.3% of the shares every day. PGM has curation and author rewards. PIZZA increases with daily holding. I don't think I need to focus much on those three and let them do it in my hive assets for now. HP and ALIVE continue to MyHiveGoals2024. As for LUV, I don't know what will it do if I stake more so I always keep it at 750 LUV (The requirement for LUV Legend). If I get more, I'll sell it for other things.

The #LarryIsAlive contest Monday, December 25, 2023

Today, I can hunt Larryin some websites while increasing my extra income. I hope it'll go well. After I changed TrafficG to North America, it really affected the Coop earnings in a good way for my Leadsleap and gave me good efficiency so far. I'll look at it as the time goes by~

Someone who wants to know more about the LarryIsAlive contest could follow @lukeisalive or go to


LarryIsAlive Site Tasks:

  • Listnerds (Read 10 emails) Done 👍 Read 10 emails
  • Leadsleap (View 10 ads) Done 👍 View 18 ads
  • TrafficAdBar (View 25 websites) Done 👍 View 26 websites
  • FreeAdvertisingForYou (Finished 10 of any Ads listed) Not yet join. 🙏
  • InfinityTrafficBoost (Surf 10 Pages) Done 👍 Surf 100 Pages (Limit).
  • CTPX (Xplore 20 Sites) Not yet join. 🙏

Finished 4 out of 6 website tasks.

For those who would like to try, you can click on the banner below to redirect you to the websites with my reference link 👍





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