Curamax Weekly Holozing & Hive Growth Progress #002 (Staked 234 $Zing tokens!)


In every venture that I take, I want to make sure that I see growth and improvements regularly. It's a good thing that everything that we do here in Hive & Holozing has data that we can look back and compare. I think it's logical that I observe how my account is improving from the previous week. We are in a period where our stakes are not severely diluted yet. I can consider that the period that we are in is still the accumulation stage.

This is especially true for Holozing. The game is still in its early stages so it makes sense that I acquire as much $Zing as I can. This is to ensure that I have a good amount of token holdings by the time the game launches.

For this, weekly report I have purchased more $Zing tokens from the Hive-Engine Market to top-up my stake.

A growth from 4.12K Zing to now 4.42K Zing stake.





I also managed to contribute artwork to the Holozing community. I have recreated Chirple Holomon using my art style. The vibrant colors of the highlighters are suitable to the colors of the creature.

For my Hivepower growth, the improvement is from 2,188HP to 2,270HP which is an 89HP growth for a week. My curation APR was around 8% which is somewhere within the average APR of curation projects.


I think the only way to achieve more valuable curation rewards is to build my HP, whether owned or rented; is to keep growing regularly. I can't think of a fixed HP holdings to say that it's worth my time curating but I guess that a 50K HP is a good starting point.

My new goal for 2024 is to accumulate a total of 50K-80K HP. A quick way to make it happen is to rent HP from platforms like DLease. My current HP is around 41K HP so I should be closer to my 50K HP goal. Reaching the 80K HP goal may take another 3 months.

For now, I have to set myself to reach the nearest goal.

🦑🐬🐉Holozing Merch Design Ideas🐆🐳🐍

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