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Not rich. Not a dev. Not a geek.And yet I grew from a tiny Plankton to now a tiny Dolphin.That’s something that only Hive can make it happen. My venture here on the platform has become a fruitful one. It’s truly an enjoyable experience because it gives me the kind of vibe that this platform will become the preference of the masses. In my honest opinion, this is the platform that has a genuine community. The people who depend on the platform are also the same people that the platform can count on.sourceI tried venturing into other blockchain-based social media platforms and it only took me a few tries to learn that those platforms are not for me. Somehow, the culture that we have here on the Hive platform feels so natural that we can engage with others without the usual boundaries that are prevalent in mainstream social media platforms.The way I see it, the thoughts that we share here are genuine and truthful. I guess our anonymity on the platform allows us to stay true to ourselves while feeling secure about it.I think that is one of the major keys that will turn things around for Hive.The rich will soon see the value of this blockchain and this community.The devs will realize that this is the platform that they want to contribute to.The geeks will find Hive as a haven to talk about what they are truly passionate about.I'm just happy that I'm already here on the platform while majority of the humanity hasn't found their way here yet. I may not be one of the very first users of the platform but I'm proud to say that I'm among the 1% of humanity that joined the platform while in its early stage.I will be happily swimming in the Hive Ocean using my new "dolphin" fins, Cheers!

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In a lively city that opened its gate to other countries it’s apparent that many migrant workers will arrive to look for job opportunities. Some would come and for a few years and then go back to their country. Some will work for many years and then go back to their country to retire. While some will eventually end up being a permanent resident or a citizen this country. I guess it’s the same with other modern cities. A city like Singapore has become so attractive that almost every major culture can be found here. There are people who come from east and west side of the world who found their place here in the city. It’s usually a good sign when a variety of people are able to assimilate into the system and to the local culture as well. I guess it’s the well structured system that allows the majority to easily adapt to the environment and the local culture. As good as the local system and culture is, some people still find it difficult to understand and assimilate with the prevailing culture in the city. One of which is the language. English is the widely used language in the city whether at the neighborhood cafe or at the workplace. If you can speak English then you should not have any issue in communicating with others. The English language may be the widely used language, the locals have developed their own branch of language and it’s known locally as Singlish which means Singapor English. This is actually common in every culture which makes communication vibrant. Especially in casual communication, the locals way of speaking the language is more efficient and there is more excitement when it comes to the tone. Sometimes, I find myself speaking using a bit of the local English which I find to be a good sign that I’m able to assimilate with the local culture. I think every culture has its beauty and it’s quite unique as well. I also believe that each culture should maintain the uniqueness of their culture and should not change just because it does not align with what the prevailing culture.The city has become a livelier one because of the variety and distinctive characters of each culture that are coexisted with everyone else

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I often see videos on TikTok telling stories about how horrible their job or workplace is. It's the kind of video that sarcastically criticizes the not-so-good aspects of their boss, workplace, and coworkers. It's funny in such a way that it's true and it's relatable. I also experience issues in my workplace that are similar to what is being featured in the videos. Office politics are the ones that get into me because I'm annoyed by it. I still don't know why I'm being affected by the kind of people who rely on office politics to make themselves look better than others. I wonder what goes on in their mind whenever they successfully bring others down to make themselves look like they are working.I think it's the kind of stress that doesn't help the company in the best way. It's the kind of stress that makes an office culture a bad experience to have for someone who just wants to do their job.I wonder if there is an appropriate work culture that will cultivate growth in every employee of a company without sacrificing the quality of work. Does it always have to be putting pressure on each individual just to achieve the KPI that a company sets for the employees?Somehow, in my company, I feel like we or some of the employees are feeling the pressure of not being able to achieve the standard that the company sets. It's the kind of standard that I feel is not based on a realistic analysis of what should happen.I think there will come a time when I will become so fed up that I will leave my company for something better. I hope that I will find a better alternative soon while I'm still able to hold to my optimistic point of view of life.

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