Looking Deeper Into The Future



When I research a crypto project before any investment is made there has to be clear indication of real world use cases present. A crypto project has to be seen more as a business that can be self sustainable in the future and not only based on hype. There majority of the 23000 cryptos listed on CoinMarket Cap are in fact dead with only around 10 748 that are active and hold value.

When we see a crypto project achieve high values very quickly this does not mean anything besides those that got in early if they sell will make a decent profit. There is a large percentage of cryptos that hold no real world utilities and the only benefits are making money for their developers. This is why research is critical to your long term wealth.

I do think one has to use common sense and logic when looking at a project trying to work out what it could be worth when adoption happens. This has to be done using realistic values and what would make that particular eco system sustainable. Personally I prefer under valuing than over valuing a project as then you avoid disappointment and it keeps you working harder earning and accumulating more.

A project like VeChain (VET) is a perfect example due to the tokens holding little or no value. VET is currently at $0.037c each with the gas token VTHO valued at $0.002545 each. The VTHO pays for the transactions on the blockchain and the only way of accumulating VTHO is by holding the VET token.



Carbon emissions is only just part of the use cases with VeChain as they are also specialists in the logistics, sustainability and food traceability fields.

From January 2026 with the carbon emission taxes coming into effect it is presumed that the VeChain will be the dominant tech used to monitor this. Amazon Web services partnered up with the VeChain because they are seen as the gold standard for carbon emissions. Not only is AWS stating how advanced the VeChain is in this specialized sector, but VeChain is heavily involved within the EU Government and United Nations. It is fair to presume the VeChain is going to be leading the way and every business in Europe and those businesses exporting to Europe will be transacting daily on VeChain requiring and burning VTHO for these transactions.

One therefore has to see this as a required must have service that is legally required. As a cost to a company using such a service how much would a service like this cost? If each company has to spend $1 daily that would seem as cheap so in my head a realistic number is under $100 monthly. One has to estimate how much each VTHO will be worth within the next 5 years considering this is what is giving the VET investors the value.

There are 36 million VTHO created daily and if VTHO held a $0.10c value that would generate $3.6 million daily for the VET investors turning the VeChain into a sustainable business. At this price holding 1 million VET would generate 430 VTHO daily or $1290 monthly in rewards. The 1 million VET would set you back $37 330 if purchased today which is still a fairly large sum. This is by no means a price prediction, but more about where I see the VTHO price going within 5 years and have no guesses on the VET token.

The numbers are going to fluctuate depending on adoption numbers and each business requirement on the number of transactions required daily. VTHO at $0.10 is where I see the low end or realistic price and why I am slowly accumulating not only VET, but also VTHO. This I see more on research and then applying common sense to the numbers we already know and why keeping the expectations on the low end is far safer to gauge the overall value of what you have.

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