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This is December and a month of celebration. The month everyone has been looking up to. To some people, It's a month of enjoyment, but suffering at last There is a reason for calling it a month of enjoyment. This is because everyone has to prepare dishes and somehow go for outings. We all know that going for an outing is the priority of this month and no one would want to miss out on this. Everyone must prepare food for people to eat. This is a way to spend money, but while spending we have to look at the next month. It's not always going to be like honey, but January is a hard month. It's been a month of struggling. At least you have spent the little you have received as salary and now you have to go through hardship until you are paid in January.

Spending this time must be done with extra care, although it does not apply to everyone.

It's a month of celebration and for few This means the celebration is for all, but spending money is not for all. Some people would love to save for tomorrow's sake. They want to spend a little and look up for January as it's a month that seems longer, not to everyone anyway.

Back to business

How do I cut costs?

Track your spending habits Most of the time we love to spend unnecessarily and extravagantly without looking at the future or tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow can be what we need except when you are gone. Finding a way to track the way you spend is most welcome and can save you from spending gallantly. Know how much you spend on food, how much you spend on transportation, how much is going for your children's school fees, and how much is going for others. After knowing this, you will find a way to cut the way you spend your money.

Unsubscribe to some unnecessary things I know that it's good to subscribe to the internet, but when it's not useful, you have to cancel it at once. Let's say you subscribe for #5,000 data every month and you are not always exhausting it. What you need to do is to limit your subscription. Cut it down to #2000 or even less. Some networks have extra data with little cost. The best is to go for those instead of spending what you can take down your account.

Cable subscription is another thing that can eat up your account. Learn how to limit the way you subscribe monthly as this can take your account to the last level.

Eat at home So many people love to eat outside. This is not the best way to boost your account, but the best way to take down your account. Eating at home can make you save. The money you spend in the restaurant once can be used to prepare food for the whole week. It's best to learn how to eat at home instead of taking your earnings to the restaurant and squandering it at a go.

Limit the way you spend your money with your friends It's nice to have friends, but get to know the one you call a friend, or else he or she will help you empty your account to the last level. Some friends can help you, while some can make you cry.

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