Mundane Life | Spending My Christmas Morning Taking A Walk and Praying At The Park, Borrowing Books From the Park's Library, Receiving My Christmas Gift In the Mail


Merry Christmas, everyone! My family doesn't have anything special planned for today, not even a feast, and Christmas Day feels like any other day. The only difference is, that my husband @rencalson is taking a week's holiday to rest and chill at home. This may sound boring to some people but I'm grateful for the opportunity to have him at home. My husband is a Broadcast System Integrator and his job can be highly stressful with long hours that don't give him a lot of opportunities to take long holidays.

This morning, after breakfast, my husband and I went to the local park to jog and spend time in nature. We plan to go to other neighboring parks this week, that is if the weather permits. It rains almost every day especially in the evening because the country is experiencing the Northeast Monsoon season. Some eastern states are experiencing floods this month and I pray for everyone's safety.

I haven't been to this park since October and when we arrived this morning I was surprised to see this new shade with marble tables and chairs. This place makes a perfect spot for a small group hangout. It was a community project sponsored by the local Lions Club International District.


I told my husband we should split and have our individual workout/jog, so we agreed to meet here in one hour. So off I went and as I was walking away I spotted a young lady walking her dog and guess what? Doggo is a Shiba Inu! It's my daughter's favorite dog breed. It's still a pup and I couldn't resist and asked the young lady if I could take a photo of it to show my girl. She said yes and voila! A smiley doggo! I later learned the doggo's name is Akina 😍


After spending a couple of minutes petting Akina and saying goodbye to her, I resumed my morning walk/jog. The park was relatively quiet because most morning parkgoers had gone home. The atmosphere felt fresh and calm. I felt so at peace among these trees. I always loved nature and I believe living among these greeneries could soothe our weary souls and bring healing to anxious minds.


After walking and jogging for 4KM, I told my husband we should take this opportunity to pray together. In our busy daily lives, we hardly make time to stop and pray together though we do pray with the kids every night. So we found a bench under some trees and prayed for 20 minutes. We thanked God for His bountiful blessings and prayed for our loved ones whom we couldn't be with during this festive season.


Before we went home, I stopped by one of the park's public libraries to see if there were new books I could borrow. I wrote about these public libraries in the past so I won't explain further on this.


I noticed that someone had left a boxful of books that I hadn't seen before. I opened the box and rummaged in it looking for books I could borrow.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-25 at 21.29.09_c72cb6e4.jpg

I was surprised to see Julia Cameron's The Artist Way among the stash! Oh what a wonderful blessing! I had been eyeing this book for a long time but it wasn't sold anywhere in Malaysia. Purchasing it from Amazon was not an option because of the ridiculously high shipping fee. And to see it so nonchalantly nestled among the books was a very pleasant surprise.


So I quickly grabbed it along with another book by Stephen King. I rarely read fiction but when I do I love to read anything from Dean Koontz or Stephen King.


When we reached home, I received a message from a courier's delivery guy notifying me my parcel had been delivered. Recently I bought some pre-loved books from The Salvation Army online store as a Christmas gift for myself. I was surprised the parcel was delivered on Christmas Day because I assumed no courier services on public holidays. Anyway, bless their hardworking heart for delivering it today.

I bought a couple of books, one of the books is by my favorite author, Philip Yancey to add to my growing collection. And the other book is called The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero. This book was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so happy I could find a second-hand copy because the price for new books is quite expensive in Malaysia.


So that's how I spent my Christmas morning. I hope everyone have a jolly good time with your loved ones on this Christmas Day!

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