Best Magic Attack Summoner for Me


Splinterlands is an online collectible card game using the blockchain technology. Every user will need cards to play the game, these cards or assets are NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) which can be traded. These cards is used to play against other players. Now every card will have the unique ability and they are divided between Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The more the ability, the more it can help you to win the games and the more expensive it becomes.


There are some Magic Attack Summoners out there which are quite good but for me there is one which I feel is good for me as well as it serves the purpose most of the time. As you all know Magic attack is one of the best attack in Splinterlands because it actually decreases the life but for Melee or Range attacks, it attacks the Armour first. I know there are different strategies out there where you can minimize the damage of the magic attack but very few uses it.

In my case I really like Alric Stormbringer Summoner. The best thing is it consumes only 3 Mana which is great for the low mana attack. Also if I look at the cards, water has some of the best Magic attack out there at least for my lineup. So whenever I have low mana game, and I mostly try to use this summoner with some of the good magic monsters for my lineup. As you all know for winning the game you have to have the best lineup. The more mana you have, the more good cards you can deploy. But the major test comes in when you have a lower mana game.

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I also like Grum Flameblade Monster for the low mana game but mostly I try to use the Alric Stormbringer Summoner for my low mana games. So let's take an example, the below game is 17 mana game which is somewhat low mana game where all the monsters will lose their ability. Now the good thing about the Magic attack is that it will hit the life and thus when you have 2-3 monsters with magic attacks, you can literally kill your opponents in no time.


This is what happened, where in the Round 4 I have won the game and have some of the cards in my lineup. This is what Magic attack can do for your game. So my startegies is mostly using the Magic attacks for the low mana game.


So I feel if you have the low mana games, have a good summoner and have atleast one monster which is good and fast so that it can help you give a good start.

So if you are getting started with the game, you need to know the basics as well as know your card which can be used in every game rules. You need to keep your best foot forward so that you win the game and earn per game.

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