Christmas Monochrome Monday


Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to take some Christmas tree pictures and edit them into black and white!

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Christmas Monochrome Monday

Black and white pictures are certainly some of my favorite ways to edit pictures but taking pictures of the Christmas tree and then taking out all the beautiful and wonderful colors to revert it to black and white was fun!

This year we changed things up a little bit, it seems that the trees we liked to get in the past were causing some allergy issues in the house so we sadly had to get rid of the one we got. We did land with this little fella right here but it was quite a bit smaller. We are going to end up replanting this one though, instead of tossing it in the woods to decompose! I know there are programs and places that will take the tree but sadly we didn't have that chance to do it this year, with how quickly we needed to get rid of the tree. We were still decorating this little guy and I think I got some pretty cool pictures of it!

IMG_1227 edit.JPG

We have quite a few homemade ornaments on the tree from years past, I love these ones the most. Those are the ones that you keep for many years whereas some other ornaments are ones that you get and end up tossing or getting lost or broken but you don't really miss it too much.

My son made this one here with me a few years ago! He's got a pretty good creative bone in his body so we were looking to make some easy Christmas ornaments and this one here was one of the easiest, so we rolled with that. I think it looks a little ominous though in black and white haha the colors are kind of an important element of this one! I think that it's got a cool feel to it from the early 1900's or something but it does give a slightly creepy vibe to it!

IMG_1229 edit.JPG

The Star Wars ornaments were a recent addition to the crew. We aren't crazy Star Wars fans in my house but we do appreciate the films. This was little BB-8 and I think it's a cool ornament and one that we wouldn't mind keeping around. I was trying to get the thing to turn in the correct direction for me to get a decent picture but that just wasn't working out well haha so this is what I ended up with. I like it in this manner though, gives a bit of a feel to the original movie to it! I know they were shot in color but I love the historical look of the black and white pictures.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

IMG_1224 edit.JPG

Pictures taken with my Canon EOS 2000D with 24-105mm Canon lens. No clue what F I use :D. Edited in GIMP. #

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