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Want to see me failing or winning what ever hopp in for a talk :)


You want to drop me into a handicap... for a 5€ Donation Cider will play the next ROUND or 15 Min with a Handicap, choose well "Alien" "Clown" "Evil Bunny" "Friday 13th Hockey" "Horror Clown" "Neon Mask" "Piggy" "Pipboy" "Plaguedoctor" "Stormtrooper" "Wintertrooper" "Wolfie" or "Vendetta Mask"

You can either choose the option to Subscribe me on Vimm to get this Handicap done

Also you have the Chance to Gift 5 GEMS or 10 Hive

"Stay a while and listen"

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dont have Paypal but some Cryptocurrency https://1upcoin.com/donate/ciderjunkie

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