Unlashing the power of the Freeos Alliance



FreeOS Alliance is a non-profit DAO that aims to support the Freeos basic income distributed on the Proton blockchain

Membership cards

Each week the Freeos community is designing a uniq Freeos membership card and an auction is organized to sell this card in XPR for at least $10

Staking incomes on Protondex

The income from the auction sales are send to the Freeos alliance account. This account is managed by the Freeos Alliance DAO. It is farming new SNIPS on the Protondex XPR/SNIPS farm, currently at 90 % APR Each month the SNIPS are claim from the farm.

Support of Freeos on alcor.exchange

FreeOS Alliance is buying back Freeos on the alcor.exchange swap or is implementing a SNIPS/Freeos swap on Protondex.

Rules are set up by the members.

After 21 weeks of autions, rules can be modified by the 21 guardians of the DAO. New uses of XPR and SNIPS can be decided by a vote or other supporting mechanisms.


Mixing up NFT auctions, DAOs and snipverse will facilitate adoption of Freeos basic income.  Join us at Freeos teg group https://t.me/freeos_talk

Online presentation on Tome : https://tome.app/educdao/unleashing-the-power-of-freeos-alliance-clhhw901a1sqt4k3zdnrrzqyo

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