Like I had said when I put out my post on my plans for the holiday, I mentioned that all the fesrivity and merriment would hold at my house. An intimate, dine and wine and games setting with few outings to add some glamour.


There's not a single plan in motion to travel or do anything out of the ordinary. It's always just been about having the most fun at home as much as possible. Of course, I know I had mentioned hosting guests and they're all here, save for one who would either show up on the 30th or 31st of this month. By my plans, we should all have a fun-filled time until we get back to dealing with our businesses. So, you can expect that home is where we would be and I should be puting things in place to make sure it's all cozy and entertaining around here. We've only done just a few things.

For now, to my delight, I have done the basic and seemingly most important thing that I can. Its no surprise that I got to handle that really fast, and besides, it's not even one of those things that I can afford to not do.

And that which I have done is to stock up the pantry. Food is important, and like my big bro likes to say, "food is good." At times like this, it's important that we don't lack variety. Plus am the least foodie around here. Because we would mostly be indoors, high on Relax and chill, we have to have enough food. So I went by the market, got food items, beverages, other edibles and some toiletries. Just enough to last the time and a few days more.

Besides, it was also important that I got some of those other new things because apart from us wanting to try out new recipes, my guests had earlier sent me a short list of what they would want(as per my asking) and I cannot not afford to indulge them.

I'm just very excited that I can do this, the other plans for ny holiday are in motion but this one is off the list. Gladly, things are looking to go well already as they're all appreciative of my little effort and are obviously making the effort to make sure it's all worth our while. I make a good host, I believe.

Even if we don't get to have all of the fun that i imagine we would, at least, I am sure they would get to eat quality meal, whatever meal they choose to and to their satisfaction. It's nice, I know. It's even nicer that inspite of the doubts and not so much finance, I can pull this off, just how I have now. The holiday is going smoothly and things are falling in place, in bits. Not so bad. And that's that for that.


Meanwhile, Hey you, how's your holiday going? I sincerely want to know. Leave me a comment. Have a blissful holiday. Compliments of the season.

Thanks for gracing this post. Greetings!

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