Cinnamon whey in Christmas coffee



Ebenezer Scrooge was the owner of an important coffee factory. His family, for generations, had worked the land, cultivated and processed the best coffee that reached the cups of the whole city, so that the man, now an old man, accumulated a great fortune.

It seemed that he had everything in life. Luxuries, extravagance for his own benefit but greed and selfishness with others were the lifestyle this man cultivated. But when viewed up close, bitterness and loneliness reigned in Ebenezer's life.

The season this man hated the most was the Christmas season. His moodiness and aggressiveness was not only with him, it also affected the employees in his plant and even the employees in his chain's cafeterias.

That Christmas in particular, Ebenezer was ready to infect everyone with his hatred for the universe. He thought about his coffee-based products and decided to prepare a serum and put it in the coffee packets in the batch that would go out on Christmas morning from the factory.

This would make everyone who drank his coffee on Christmas morning feel the hatred he felt for others simply for existing.

He took the book from the great-great-grandmother who was dedicated to dark magic. He followed step by step and had all the ingredients: desert dust, volcano ash and red earth from the river.

What Ebenezer didn't notice was that the red river earth was next to the cinnamon. He accidentally picked up the cinnamon and poured it into the whey while mixing.

He went to bed with a macabre smile. The evil was done. The bad mood serum was all over the batch of coffee that was distributed all over town. He felt victorious for giving that Christmas present to everyone.


It was dawn and Ebenezer came down the stairs of his mansion dressed very elegantly and with his cane. He asked the chauffeur to take him to the cafe on 5th Avenue where they had breakfast service, even on Christmas.

He arrived at the café. The cashier was a 16 year old girl who seemed to hate his very existence, every time Ebenezer went to get coffee the girl practically growled at him. So the old man enjoyed walking by and feeling like he could relate to someone.

He came in looking at his customers with big mugs sipping on cups of coffee.

He didn't notice anything unusual. He thought the customers would be furious and fighting among themselves even for looks. On the contrary they all seemed happy.

He stopped in front of the counter and asked the girl if she had coffee, expecting her to answer as usual: of course she did, old man, this is a coffee shop. But the girl with a big smile told him to sit down and she would bring him his cup of coffee.

Ebenezer dropped his cane from the impact. Quickly a woman got up and kindly ran over to give him the cane and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

The man sat trembling as a young man pulled his chair close to him and smiled and told him Merry Christmas.

The cashier arrived with the coffee and told him that she was personally bringing it to him to thank him for giving her work, even on Christmas Day.

When Ebenezer took a sip of his coffee he realized where his mistake was. He noticed the cinnamon flavor and realized that by changing this ingredient the serum made everyone feel empathy and happiness.

A spark ignited in Ebenezer Scrooge's heart and he burst out laughing as he shouted Merry Christmas to everyone and drank his delicious cinnamon coffee.




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