Battle Mage Secrets: Grund's Aim True



This week, I'm sharing my game in Aim True ruleset using Immortalis and Grund.

Aim True weekly challenge

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Ruleset: Armored Up Aim True

Mana Cap: 28 Elements: Water,Earth,Life,Death

Game Modifications

This is an ruleset game so All Monsters have 2 Armor in addition to their normal Armor stat. Use magic attacks, but the opponent will do the same, so focus on HP. Is countered by Rust or Wizard of Eastwood's summoner ability.

Armored Up

This is an ruleset game so Melee and Ranged attacks always hit their target. Blind, flying, dodge are useless. This Ruleset doesn't give Ranged monsters the ability to attack from the first position. Choose higher speed or higher health combined with high damage output. Return Fire ability is great in this ruleset.

Aim True

Let the battle begin!

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Summoner: Immortalis

Abilities: All enemy monsters lose -1 health All friendly monsters gain ability All friendly monsters gain ability


Pos 1 Monster: Grund

Abilities: - It attacks twice each round. - When a Monster with Trample hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next Monster on the enemy Team


Pos 2 Monster: Mycelic Morphoid

Abilities: - When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker Has an upper cap of 2

Mycelic Morphoid

Pos 3 Monster: Fungus Fiend


No abilities. But since this is 0 mana, it is a good addition to the team.

Fungus Fiend

Pos 4 Monster: Venari Scout

Abilities: - It may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health. - Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks. +25% Dodge vs melee/ranged

Venari Scout

Pos 5 Monster: Acid Shooter

Abilities: - This monster's attacks hit a random enemy target - Each time an enemy is hit by a Monster with Cripple it loses one max health

Acid Shooter

Pos 6 Monster: Supply Runner

Abilities: - It gives all friendly Monsters +1 increased Speed.

Supply Runner

Now that Rebellion edition is here, do you think there's a stronger line up in this Game Modification? Comment down below.

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Hope you learned something from my game and how I came up with this lineup. What would you have done differently given the same ruleset, mana cap and active elements? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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