Jervis Bay NP Orchids and my granddaughter : January 27 2024


Another different day lined up. Got a vague plan to meet up with my son for a walk near his place. All depends on when nap time works out. Cooked a Bolognese sauce to give him one night a week off cooking. As soon as I got the message he was going to go for a walk, I got in the car to get down their side

Parked up to walk the first fire trail on the outskirts of Huskisson - Bowling Club Fire Trail - found bonnet orchids not far into the trail. Finding orchids on a new track is always a win

Australian bluebell. Took a lot of photos of small bush flowers - most were not in focus and got deleted

Orchid leaves - green backs say tongue orchids. Maybe there will be some open

Close to the bowling club - maybe an invasive species

Did find flowers open on the tongue orchid - cryptostylis subulata

Seen a few of these in recent weeks - no idea what it is

Change of fire trail

Most seen orchid were bonnet orchids - cryptostylis erecta - nice head of flowers

Slender rice flower

Seeded hyacinth orchid - makes for 3rd orchid of the day

Got to be the smallest bonnet orchid I have ever seen. Half the size of normal and only 2 inch high stem

Spied this puff of white. It is a puff of a creature secretion - not a flower

Next photo shows it is a bug that makes the secretions

Next fire trail intersection - walking a loop back to the main road

Seen a lot of twining glycine. This one had a good backdrop for photo

Ever wonder what the buds look like. This is it

Fire trail came out on the main road. NSW coral heath flower against the backdrop of the main road

Walked one km along the road that cuts through Jervis Bay NP - knew I would find orchids on the edges - cryptostylis subulata

Yep - right on the road

My favourite photo of this orchid - shows the underside veins

Seeded version

Also found clusters of bonnet orchids in the road verge

Walked a side track on the other side of the main road into a burned section - purple fan flowers must like that. Did not see any the other side


Another flash of purple - looks like an oxalis

Parked upnin Huskisson to wait for my son. Photo of Jervis Bay - fishing boat at anchor. Took a while before my son arrived. We messed around in the park. My granddaughter loves running.

The only photo I have is culled from a video. It was a good session as she was prepared to take my water bottle from me and run. Then come back and exchange it for something else. We did walk a lot further

View over Huskisson Beach all the way to Point Perpendicular

A special time establishing roots

Easy drive home. Cooked eye fillet on the bbq for a friend at her place

Looks great. Got to say it was over done - always hard to cook for the first time on a new bbq.

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