Every Christmas has had its own connotation in my life



Our lives can be studied in stages if we wish, in particular I have always liked to analyze my life at the end of each year and compare the current experiences with the old ones.

This year Christmas has been full of many sentimental aspects, my mother's health condition is very delicate since she has liver cancer, which has saddened me in the fact that I see my mother's health diminishing more and more.

However, there is the sentimental counterpart of the joy of being able to share with my daughter Diana Isabel this Christmas, which in particular I distinguish as very different from last year because my daughter has a broad sense of understanding, in which she can already express her joy for the toys in the form of Christmas gifts, so this joy makes me conclude that all the past Christmases had not given me such an important joy of being able to live the joy that my daughter has expressed for her gifts and at the same time to see us all sharing as a family.

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