Sharing with friends on Christmas Eve


Hello and Merry Christmas to all the weekend experience community hoping that this holiday season everyone receives the best blessings that the light of Christmas brings.

Friends are the family one chooses and it is important to spend and celebrate with them the blessings and the Christmas holiday. Every moment that we live during this year can be relived in a sharing, Friends are the family that one chooses and it is important to spend and celebrate with them the blessings and the Christmas holidays. Every moment that we live during this year can be relived in the posadas, the dinners, the exchanges, the gifts, the games, the dynamics, the food and everything that we know is part of Christmas.

On Saturday, December 23rd, on the eve of Christmas, we had a sharing among hiking friends, to celebrate together the pre-Christmas, where we shared laughs, hugs, fun moments that will remain in our memory and establish a precedent as a hiking team that has always been united throughout the year 2023.

This activity has been planned since October so that no detail was missing. It was a wonderful organization, the space was incredible, even though it rained that night and yet it poured early and we did not stop the rain to dance, to laugh, to enjoy.

There were activities such as dances, the men stood out with their jocular dances and songs, each one with their own jocular style where we laughed until we could not stop laughing. Prizes were awarded to the best teams that danced the best to the best singers, there was also an exchange of gifts where each of us had a Christmas bag inside which had goodies and when it was time to give a gift, we took out a piece of paper where the name of the person to whom we were going to give the gift was written and we had to describe it and even imitate it if possible, and that generated a lot of laughter, many liked the activity.

We had our customary Christmas dinner where we enjoyed our Venezuelan Christmas dish consisting of a Hallaca which is very similar to a tamale, chicken salad with potatoes, carrots, peas, sweet corn and the inevitable ham bread and a drink that could be a soft drink or our famous Ponche Crema, everything was delicious.Y ademas una rica torta negra , muy comun en vstas fvchas , es de chocolate con frutas maceradas

This activation was planned by a group of girls who we call "El comando bochinche" the word bochinche for those who are not from Venezuela means cheerful, noisy, disorderly or talkative.

They were in charge of planning all this, collecting the amount of money that we were going to collaborate each one to be able to buy the ingredients for the hallacas, the ham bread, the refreshments, the prizes that we were going to receive for the different activities that were going to be carried out there, it is really worth congratulating them because it was a very well planned activity, besides one of the companion who lent her home for us to carry out this activity, a place where she received us with warmth and love and where we could really enjoy everyone to the maximum until 2 o'clock in the morning. We had a sore throat from screaming so much, laughing so much, enjoying so much that day. That day we felt such a beautiful energy in the atmosphere that filled us with joy and love that we did not want to leave the place to go home. It was a wonderful day that allowed us to unite more as a hiking team and appreciate the efforts of the people who made this activity possible.

I forgot to tell you that on that day a piñata was knocked down and we all participated, we were blindfolded and we were hitting the piñata and nothing broke, it was like armored, it was very hard and until we all decided to jump on the piñata and break it to get the candy, that was a wonderful day, we looked like children, our inner children came to the fore on that special day.

The magic of Christmas feels even more special when you share it with friends.


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