My 2023 SGS Secret Santa


The Silver Gold Stackers community is truly one of a kind. They're a fantastic group of kindhearted people who stack gold and silver. Naturally, when I found out they did a Secret Santa exchange among members, I asked to join even though I wasn't a member at the time. Of all the online stacking communities I've joined, this was the first I'd seen where this was done. I love the idea!

My package arrived some time ago, but I was a good boy and didn't open it until today.

I opened it up and noticed there was a shirt and a card inside. Oh boy! I love shirts! 😁

I'm a stickler for aways opening the card first. As great as the gift is, the card is also fun. It's where the giver can freely express themselves. I opened it up and I knew it had to be good just from the cover.

The inside didn't disappoint either! 🤣

I'll try the candy later, after the kids go to bed, so I can avoid an awkward conversation. 😆

The shirt was awesome! Someone did their homework and saw I like guns just a wee bit. This is definitely going into the rotation! 😁

But wait! For those of you paying attention, you probably noticed we have yet to see any gold or silver. Hidden inside the shirt was a final present!

Like the card, message and shirt, it didn't disappoint!

You can't go wrong with an American Silver Eagle, and the Christmas packaging is a very nice touch! 😁

I want to say "Thank you so much!" to my Secret Santa! The gifts were so thoughtful and awesome! I hope whoever my Secret Santa is has a very Merry Christmas, in addition to everyone else!

Merry Christmas, everyone!🎄🎅

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