Merry Christmas Everyone!



Happy Christmas to Everyone on Hive! I hope today has been bountiful and your family has brought you some amazing things to feel joyful of! Here's the season!!

I am aware that a huge percentage of Muslims in our community celebrate Eid in April so I will wish you all that too when it comes! Need to be respectful to everyone in our community!

I'm not here at the moment. This is a post I created at 1am on the 24th, mostly because right now I'm asleep in my father-in-laws chair tanked up with too much food and non-alcoholic beer. Christmas is always a good one in our family; there's always lots to give thanks for and reflect back upon!

Since it's Christmas, and it's a time for reflection too, let's look back on some of the amazing stuff that's happened in our community over the last year.

Our token LGN was born

Yes, at the very beginning of last year we began the six month long airdrop to the people in the BRO community that wanted to get an early stake in our new token. January was also the month we gave out a whopping 2400 Hive in dividends that month. Hoping to get back to that soon! Good times ahead.

We released Dbond

Dbond, a token that at the same time grows brofi, but also takes advantage of its own hive power in ways that only @silverstackeruk can think of, because you know, he's the hive power investments guy, right? Partnered with our quick thinking and shill tactics we've been a force to be reckoned with. Already sold over 100,000 hive in product!

Brobang have you seen it?

Part of our marketing tactics was to get in with new and aspiring young projects who lack the resources but completely ooze in ideas and go getting attitude last year, and one of them is paying off already. @cryptocompany are testing out our in game minigame that they made for us as a thank you for all our help and assistance over the last year. This is one to watch out for when it arrives. Gonna be a doozy. Make sure you hold onto some LGN at least.

We partnered with Serfdom and Sorcery

In summer this year serfdom and sorcery came to fruition on hive. It was a unique project that took advantage of both hive engine token system and discords botting system to bring to us our very own role playing game serfdom and sorcery. They have just started their very own Legionnaire that you can own for 100 LGN. It's costly but will bring you good advantages to the game at a later date. Watch this space!

And of course our growing community

Many thanks to those that have stayed with us over this last year. It's not been an easy one as we've seen this bear market break us down to saving the pennies rather than dealing in the thousands like we were in the bullmarket.

Also many thanks to those that have helped us directly, without you guys (you know who you are) we would have struggled a lot more than we actually did.

I think now, as we go into next year we are moving into steadier and happier waters!! It's going to start getting exciting again.

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