I live in a town near the sea and mostly do drawings, paintings, photographs and various combinations of those three.I did even some art school. Long ago.


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Well, one of them is a bushcricket technically; it belongs to the Tettigoniidae family but bushcrickets are often considered long-horned grasshoppers so the title isn't laying. (Enlargeable)All the photographs presented in today's macro-themed shitpost were taken in the summer of 2007. A long time ago is a vague, relative term, it could mean different things for different people and in different contexts but the year 2007 fits that category very well in my book, so since this is my post, yeah, these are all insects from an ancient era when I used a different camera and macro equipment. In the opening shot, a Tylopsis lilifolia bushcricket is cleaning its feet to keep them adhesive. (Enlargeable)This is the Oedipoda caerulescens, a grasshopper from the Acrididae family. The insect is resting on the dry stem of some tall, sturdy herbaceus plant, a Foeniculum vulgare perhaps. There isn't much happening in this shot, but the late afternoon's warm light makes everything look pretty good. (Enlargeable)In this similar vertical shot, you can see a Pezotettix giornae grasshopper posing in front of the camera on a hot summer afternoon. (Enlargeable)As you probably remember, the post started with a Tylopsis lilifolia bushcricket. The same insect will end the thing. It is the same insect literally, only in a slightly different pose. Gee, I love this post! I don't like it but I do love it. It didn't cost me much effort, I felt relaxed throughout the writing process, it would be pure perfection if