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In this online space, there are a lot of essential skills that will help boost your success but in all I bring to you two very essential skills I have seen that anyone who wants to make money online or build their influence need to have. I have taken my time to explain those two skills and I hope that someone here will grab something from this publication. So here are the two skills needed:

  1. The willingness to learn

  2. The attitude (willingness) to fully value (implement) what has been learnt.

Although these two skills are crucial for success in any field, they are also important in the online world, which is constantly changing and new opportunities are emerging all the time. The difference between the very successful online entrepreneurs and those who are not successful, is the willingness to learn a needed skill(s) or strategies and then implementing what has been learnt. In this online space, new technologies, platforms, and strategies emerge all the time, and those who are not willing to keep up with the latest trends will be left behind.

There are many resources available to help people learn new things online, including tutorials, courses, mentorship and online communities. The willingness to implement what you have learnt is just as important as the willingness to learn. Many people learn new things, but they never actually put their knowledge into practice. This is because implementation often requires effort, time, and sometimes even risk. However, it is only by implementing what you have learned that you will be able to achieve your goals and make a difference in the online world.

Practice makes perfect right? You will never get perfect at what you don't practice and you will never see results from whatever it is that you have not practiced. For example, if you learn about SEO (search engine optimization), you can implement that knowledge to improve your website's or your client's website's ranking in search, which in turn can lead to more traffic, more customers and ultimately, more sales.You can also learn about social media marketing and then implement that knowledge in creating engaging content, which leads to a growth in your audience, helping you build influence and attract more followers.

Learning about email marketing and then implementing that knowledge to create effective email campaigns can help you nurture your leads and convert them into customers. The list goes on and on. Any online business you are interested in venturing into, whether it be affiliate marketing, freelancing, dropshipping or service arbitrage, you MUST be willing to spend your time to LEARN and put to practice, what you have learnt. In that way, you will be well-positioned for success in the ever-changing online world. Cheers to your success.

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