Romantic Twist - Story telling (Episode 2)



Eman Simon went to his room to read as I said. Ruby looks at me. Me: Say something. Ruby: You talk to Eman on the phone? Me: No. Ruby: Tell me big sis. Me: I am staying 2 days for Eman Simon's exam. Ruby: Is brother Eman doing such a great thing for you that you came this far in such a hurry to see him? Me: You don't need to know so much. Ruby: There's something going on between you guys. I'm sure. Me: Nothing like that. I will tell you everything in the afternoon.

In the afternoon Eman Simon went to his Mami and told her he was tired of reading. And wanted to take a walk from the market. If he could go? I said to his mommy not to let him go and that he should go sit back and study his books for the upcoming exams. Now Eman Simon won't sit to read. He asked us to go on a boat tour instead. I at the other hand wanted that as well so I said good, I am coming with you so we can go on a boat tour haha. What a bad influence? Mami agreed but she forced Eman Simon to take us for a boat ride since he would study haha. Ruby and I are sitting in the middle of the boat. Eman is steering the boat. White clouds are floating in the sky. A light breeze is blowing. There is a beautiful sound of water waves on the boat. A different feeling.

I said to Eman: No more going. Let the boat go where the wind goes. You come and sit here. Emon came and sat near us.

Me: You have changed a lot. Eman: Like? Me: Clothes, hair straightening, movement all. Eman: Humans are only changeable. I am no exception. Me: Open the handkerchief from your hand. Eamon heard me and looked at Ruby. Me: No problem if you have ruby. Emon kept his head down. I took Eman's hand and opened the handkerchief myself.

I saw that the hand was as wide as it was, and the letter S was cut across it. The base of the cut is removed, so the wound is worse. Anyone who sees it first will have their hairs stand on end.

What is the meaning of this madness? You believe, I didn't do this for you, don't you? Who are you doing it for? Eman: There is one. Her name is Elena.

Why was he getting so angry after hearing Eman's words. Not for me, why did you come so far with lies? The more I think in my mind, the more I get angry. I put it all together in order to control my anger.

Where is Elena's house, cousin? Eman: Next to my school. We study in the same class. Me: Does Elena love you? Eman: No. I could not say any thing. Me: Why are you cutting your hand for her? Eman: She has a boyfriend.

I was very happy to hear that and wanted to start dancing.

(Cousin is a way I address anyone I'm crushing on so I can feel comfortable around them)

To be continued

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