One Travel, Many Experiences


When the holiday was approaching I was still skeptical and indecisive. I kept thinking if I should travel home or not and it was difficult to conclude as I had to think of transport costs or having a boring and lonely Christmas. It took me a while before I could decide what I would finally do for the holiday. At one point, I made up my mind not to travel then I saw so many of my friends saying they would be traveling home for Christmas.

I decided to give it a shot and finally, I traveled home. It was a stressful journey and the more I am enjoying home, I am still thinking of how I would go back to my place of service again. Honestly, the journey was stressful, at least I had no motion sickness which is always a normal thing for my body whenever I travel.


It’s been amazing returning home. When I returned home I was super excited to see my mom and dad, I have missed them so much, especially my mom’s food. I was exhausted but I made out time to eat my mom’s meal. It’s been amazing seeing my siblings and parents after such a long time and honestly, I would have been so mad at myself if I didn’t come. I thought my dog Skylar won’t want to come to me but she was so excited to see me.

The next day, I went for my younger brother’s sign-out from the university. He had no idea I was going to show up, thankfully, no one told him I would be coming so I was able to surprise him and he was so happy. I was very happy for him too because it is such a nice experience and he is going over to another phase of his life.

One of the reasons I wanted to come back home was to meet with my friends, well the holiday is still on and I still have a lot of them to meet. I just feel it will be nice to hang out even if it’s over some drinks or probably the cinema but I am sure it would be great since I don’t know when next I will be seeing them again.

Not leaving out the cool part where I got to attend concerts with my friends. It was entertaining. I can say that since I came back home, I haven’t stayed at a place. As I got to attend different concerts which are so fun and the entertainment level was top-notch, I even got to see some of my friends there that I wasn’t expecting to see. It was super great.

Like I said the holiday is still going on and I am sure I will be having more fun and doing more exciting things. There are still fun stuff and activities to carry out and honestly, I am loving this holiday. I would be going for a sip and paint with the girls where we get to do something artistic and talk over a few things and have some bonding together, as well as do some painting which will be great.

The Holiday has been going smoothly and whenever I think of it coming to an end soon, I just get this wave of sadness. Well, we just have to enjoy it while it lasts and make memories together. It’s been a smooth holiday and I am sure I will have more fun things to share soon.

Well till then, Merry Christmas to everyone☺️

Thanks for stopping by💕 Cheers 🥂

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