An Ilocos Christmas D-2


A very Merry Christmas to you all! It is now the 25th of December as I write day 2 of my travel trip and for the rest of the day, I spent it in Pagudpud, Ilocos!

This trip has been one of the most confusing one I've been on because we constantly kept getting left behind by our group and we didn't have our coordinator's number so we had a hard time finding them all throughout the day 😅

This has been the trend since we got down to the main lobby of the hotel at 7am and the van we rode was gone. turns out, he was just picking up the rest of the group from a different hotel and he couldn't inform us because... well... no phone number 😅

when they arrived, we were almost done with breakfast so by 8am and everyone had breakfast, we were all set to continue our trip at Pagudpud, which is a different city in Ilocos.

Luckily we made it to the 9 o clock mass so we still managed to do our Christmas mass even though we're all the way over here 😊 We didn't understand the dialect though since it was in Ilokano. All the same, we just based it on how the church at our hometown does mass.

After the mass, we drove all the way up Cape Bojeador lighthouse, which is now a 19th century national historical landmark. It has guided ships since the 1890s and continues to function even now, even though the lighting radius has shrunk to a 10 mile radius, It's still a useful structure to have #:# (!pinmapple 18.51227 lat 120.59763 long d3scr)

So this is the lighthouse along with all its old pieces, old electric pumps and even a sample brick they used to lay out the foundation of its structure. what fascinated me the most was the brick, actually because it was made from egg whites, honey and clay so the mix kind of gave it an amber like hardbess because honey is known to crystalize like amber. it's just fascinating. And I think we spent a good hour up there just checking out the view because the breeze was nice even though it was drizzling a little.

Next destination was the kapurpurawan rock formation.
#:# (!pinmapple 18.53858 lat 120.65342 long d3scr) That one was an enjoyable walk along the seaside 😊 the view was awesome and I wish the sea breeze would have calmed down a little because that wund was strong enough to blow us away 🤣🤣 like we all literally were nearly blown away each time a strong gust came, but unlike yesterday at the sand dunes, this one had ocean water mixed in with the wind instead which was still better than sand 🥲

It was another hour well spent for me UwU. I liked the walking part a lot more than being stuck in the van, actually.

I also got to meet Buddy 😊 this handsome golden retriever and his old owner.

It also rained a little. That was probably the only reason we had to run back to the van. But you know, every time it rains, a rainbow follows UwU and that was exactly what happened. After the heavy drizzle, we got to see this beauty and that made my day.

We also found this mini carnival by the time we were back in Laoag so we thought to just have fun for a bit

We probably finished playing at around 9:30 pm then we got back to the hotel at 9:45. everyone got dressed for bed and I'm all ready to head to bed now 😊

Thank you for joining my mini adventure for the day! Hope you guys had a fun Christmas too! I'll try being a lot more active this 2024, I swear. This is the top of my new year's resolution. But for now, it's only a few days til the year ends and I am still contemplating the rest of my new year goals.

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