It Happened Again… Catch The Alien||Comtest



Crazy as it is, I woke up in the wee hours of this morning to find something unexpected happened. "This can't be real", I told myself as I sat down at the edge of the bed. For some strange reasons unbeknownst to mankind, I sat down for a few minutes trying to recall what happened.

Well, I don't know if you've heard this; but;

I heard when you end up not doing something you are supposed to do, an alien must have passed by.

And I don't know how true this is but… "Catch the alien", I whispered inaudibly. But, the aliens can't be caught, can they?

Though, I wish they could be caught so I'd ask them why they intend to wipe one's memory for a minute. I mean, it can't be that you saw them, because I have seen nothing.

Lots of grammar up there, yeah? And what I mean to say by the big grammar is that… Wait, let me give you a scenario.

Let's see the case of a child whose mother asked to get something from her room but then the child forgot what. Then the child is left to rack his/her brain to remember what it was but… Nada! It is just gone. Though, sometimes, the child gets lucky when Momma asks, "Is the comb hanging on a chicken's head?" Then, you remember, Comb.

Other few quarter-half nonexistent times, the child remembers when he/she opens Momma's door to ask stylishly what she/he was asked to bring.

I made use of this scenario because we are all guilty of it. As Black Sheriff says in his music, The Traveler, "Who never fuck up hands in the air" and unless you are a politician the statement Is for you. Politicians are liable to raise their hands. We know the truth, don't we all?

Alright, back to my story. Where did I stop?

Yeah, the sitting at the edge of the bed and right beside me sleeping soundly but almost dead was my phone.

It is unbelievable because I remembered plugging it in. I don't know if the aliens have wings like a mosquito or a special power of walking through walls. I don't know.

I don't know if the alien decided to play mind tricks on me by unplugging the phone and buzzing off. I still can't figure it out. Maybe you can.

Maybe if I had a CCTV installed in my room I could have found out as far as Nigerian politicians won't get to the footage before I did. Oh, don't stare at me like that… I trust them. Pheew.

All I can say is that I plugged my phone after using it. I didn't sleep off using it or something. I plugged it in. Damn right, I did. I did, right?

I guess we will never know unless we catch those aliens so if you are up for a hunt. Let's move together to catch them because there I need to charge my phone. The power supply decided it was time they leave the world as they met it. How human of them too.

Ps:If you see a woman with a baseball bat, a sack, and a thrash can mind your business or join the hunt. No more forgetfulness. It is time to hunt.

Still yours truly, Balikis.

Thanks for reading.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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