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Social media is both a dark and brilliant thing for mental health.It is very interesting how the media came to the world. At first, it started with stories told by moonlight by our grandparents to connect us and teach us to become better. And as days,months, and years passed by, things changed. From gathering under the tree to hear a story, the world took a turn toward reading books, watching TV, and interacting on social media, which has paved more ways to see things differently.However, just as the media can connect us, it can also tear us apart, especially when people can't think for themselves and rely on the internet for a lot of things. The internet can either teach us or ruin us depending on how we use it. Well, I do enjoy visiting YouTube apart from Hive because of the other things I learn being there. I enjoy how seeing its algorithm gives me more content on my recent search, which helps me with how to make things or use things, and these things make personal growth easier.Gone are the days when novels, TV shows, and famous are there to inspire us. I do not know for the rest of the world, I am speaking for my country because a lot of things have changed but despite that, I have read novels, watched TV shows and have been fortunate to come across famous individuals who had made a reasonable impact to the history of the world and just reading about them have taught me beyond words could.My mom is the first famous individual who made me see the need for minimalism. She didn't just use her words, but her actions were louder. They showed me how to simplify things for my personal growth. When it comes to spending, managing finances, homemaking, and whatnot, all was done and dusted with no stress.Instead of just teaching and teaching, she sometimes just watches to see what we would do in certain obvious situations and if we ended up not doing the right thing, she continues watching until we do the right thing. She allows us to face the consequences. It is just like living in a messed up room and expecting things to be in order. Haha.Her act made me embrace m

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Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. Follow them, never give up, that's the most important thing. If you believe you can get there, then one day you will.Don't break and be strong just as the Yoruba word says, "Mafo," and keep standing tall. Surely, things aren't meant to be glamorous every day. Bad things happen to good people, too, and that's just life. It is hard to face, but don't break and keep going because if you believe, you are going to make it happen.The truth is that no one knows what's next. We plan, sure we do, and other times, we may not, and the truth is that whatever will happen surely will. However, going with a plan may be good sometimes because it gets you prepared, which is nice.But, when your plan fails and you feel the need to break, I say to you, "Mafo (don't break)" because God is with you and the sound of music is right with you. Either from your radio, TV, the sound from nature, or from your lips. There are sounds anywhere you go and that's one thing that will always make your day.Believe in your dreams and continue working legally because very soon, you'll be blessed beyond your imagination. Therefore, welcome to #threetunestuesday by @ablaze, and as usual, today's tune promises to be inviting and exciting. To get more gist about today's 3-tuner, click Mafo; Chinko Ekun.Move your body and enjoy your life. Don't look at another person's time. Don't be swayed. Don't break!Rock your body to the musical beat and let the music lyrics sink in.Bless me; Chinko Ekun.Blessing... that's all we need. Pray and never give up on yourself. Continue moving and watch as God will bless you.Slowly move your hands in freestyle mode. Move your head left and right in slow motion and calmly enjoy the music.Shake it; Chinko Ekun.If you

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I had wanted to look at you with so much hate, Just to let you know how the anger inside me boils like lava, I so much wanted you to see for yourself, the pains you've caused, All I wanted was for you to just breathe the suffocating air that filled my lung, But with my eyes up, I am surely lost of words.Pain, I know how destructive it can be, I have lived the life filled with it until you came forward, You came when I least expected a savior, and you did something to my heart. Something bad, yet filled with sweetness that I kept yearning for. The more I yearned, the more the beauty showed, But I knew... I knew that the yearning wasn't for me.Weeks become months until each year rolled by, Still there I stood looking at a pile of work on my feet, Even after working day and night with no moment to spare. I wanted it... I wanted to feel the guilt. I allowed the sorrow in. I know that I don't deserve any sort of happiness because I am the devil's spawn.Though a small part of me was desperate to feel something more, Something more original and true. Something real that isn't made from guilt. And then the yearning came forth again, and it was then it was clear to me. That you never left. You have been there with me, but I have been so blind to see you.Walking straight to the mirror, I look closely at my reflection, With hair, a bird nest, lips swollen, and eyes bag that lies in display, I knew what I looked like. A shell of my happy self. Or more like an abandoned vampire. But when I looked deeper into the mirror, I saw a little glow. I saw it and I liked it.Suddenly, a smile graced my lips, and I saw a hand stretch out from the mirror to me, "It is not your fault. You have to forgive and let go. Live an amazing life." The voice said to me. The voice was soothing that I felt something melt inside of me. Like a phoenix, I felt reborn, and I knew deeply that this was the true way for me to live.Image-SourceStill yours truly, Balikis.*Thank

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Don't underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the thing you can't hear, and not bothering.Just stay calm, take a deep breath if you must, but make sure their words don't get to you because they don't define you.Fall in love with yourself and care about your health, and all because at the end of the day, six feet below, you'll be all alone. When you care for others, there's no wrong in that, but there should be a limit to everything.Just because you are the first son, daughter, or child doesn't mean you have to live for just your family. You deserve to live for yourself, too. Take yourself out, do what makes you truly happy, and just for once, think about yourself.Don't worry about what people will say because humans are talkers anyway, so why let them bother you with their countless whining when you can just shut their voices from your head and just truly live your life.The truth is that those people you put at the top of the world will move on when you are no more. It is how we are designed as humans. The sad truth we face. Surely, your presence will be felt by those who really care for you, but they are going to continue living. Therefore, take a breath and go on a vacation. Take care of yourself and love yourself every day. Fall in love, drink wine, and take a rest.Sunday is here with its musical wits, and with me, today is an African Nigerian singer and rapper whose music has been raised by the oldies bar of life. Hehe. But before we move toward his musical world, let's take a sneak peak about his human world.Sneak Peak.Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, better known by his stage name D'banj, is a Nigerian singer and rapper. He was born in Zaria, Nigeria, in the year 1980, June 9th, and Ever since his music career began, his music has been on trending pages.Also, today being his birthday, I am using this as a medium to enjoy good music while celebrating him as well. I hope you all enjoy his music as you listen.Fall in love; D'banj.Yeah. Are you in lo

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A sword, a spade, and a thought should never be allowed to rust.You have to move and never allow it to die. The dreams and thoughts that raise you up from sleep should be worked on. When you lie on your bed and have a beautiful dream, don't just sleep there dreaming when you can take up your spade and start your day in the best way possible.Truly, nothing is easy. Even the simplest thing sometimes feels hard, but despite that, you should never give up on what you believe in. Dreams can sometimes be a poor man's wish, but when it aligns with your thoughts and you believe, you ought to give it a try. Take risks in life and survive because that's the way of the world. Sometimes, we think we know the outcome of something and get it right while other times, we don't know what may occur but try it anyway and at the end the outcome it brings will either be a blessing or lesson. However the outcome turns out to be, it will be an experience in life that will accompany you(us) on your life's journey. Therefore, "Without a word" take a deep breath and "Take up your spade" not just because it belongs to you but take it as an inspiration to start your day because whichever journey you decide to take, you'll surely find someone with like-minds and who knows, it could end up to be "You and me."With this, I have brought in music from the heart of an amazing singer whose music is inspiring. And just as how the music beat, the lyrics and the flow of sound made me day, I hope it does yours too.But, before we move toward her musical world, let's get to know her and by her, I meant...Saying Hi to Sara.Sara Ullrika Watkins is an American singer-songwriter and fiddler.She was born in Vista, California, U.S. in the year 1981 June 8th and is happily married. I have chosen her song today not just because her music is inspiring but also to celebrate her birthday in a grand style.Now, let's move to her musical world.Without a word; Sara Watkins.Gently tap your feet as you close your eyelids. Take a dee

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Everyone has a right to their own opinion about me, and that's fine. I'm just going to keep being myself and living my life. That's all I can do.I know deeply without anyone telling me that I am a bigger lover of music. The way my eyes lit up and my lips moved uncontrollably, especially to music I know is superb. This is why I don't just listen to music for listening sake but more of the message the music passes. Maybe that is why I am a big sucker for old songs because they just hit right. They aren't just music but masterpieces that are meant to be evergreen, and I am glad they are so in my heart.I have heard a lot of music either from the radio, an ost from a movie, from a transit or just while passing by, and these have always made my day. Being from a family where music reigned must have added to the charms as well. It is always interesting listening to music, and while some elevate me, others make me sad, and there are few others that I am indifferent about.Music brings out one's passion. They make our imagination vivid that it feels like we are watching ourselves do things again or making decisions that surely have consequences. Recently, I found myself deeply entangled with Ost from Korean movies, especially movies set in ancient times. Those times reveal the suffering, war, and the need to survive. Therefore, today, I'll be sharing an Ost from the Kdrama "Six flying dragons" where a song really got my attention.The song, Yalli yalli yallasyeong, which was sung by the character in the movie named Lee Bang Ji. The song speaks about the hardship people face in the world, which is caused by the greediness and corruption of others. It tells a sad story of innocent people who have to fight war each day in a place they call home. The song speaks of the need to live life, but the pain living life brings despite the present hardship faced.Ever since I heard the song, it ached my heart. It tears my heart into tiny pieces because the same thing is happening in our world today. People dying for what they didn't do,