Christmas Deer!!!


Good morning good morning everyone. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Today I wanted to share with you guys a little something special. So I haven't been hunting in a little while. I woke up about 4:30 this morning sat and watched a few shows and waited til about 7 or so before I finally decided to get up and get ready... Well I went and threw my hunting gear on got my guns and went on my merry way down the hill. Paced myself took 25 paces. Stopped looked around, proceeded on down the hill another 25 paces. Did that about 3-4 times before I made it down to the barn. Took me a little breather, got my gun ready for anything to come... Funny about this is that @lunamoon and my pops @enginewitty went to the same spot in the barn on thanksgiving. My dad had a little mishap with his gun misfiring that day(thanks grandpa) and he ended up missing a nice 8 point. Anyways it clicked in my head that I could run into that same thing so I got my gun ready. No sooner then I got to the next door. There it was. My Christmas wish came true at about 7:30-7:45. Seen a nice little deer. Got my gun ready clicked my safety off took a deep breathe..... Squeezed the trigger, BLAMMMMMM see a nice bloody firecracker go off. My heart is thumping from that buck fever. I GOT IT I GOT IT is all I could yell. This guy didn't move anymore then 20-30 yards before he fell over. I went up to go finish it off and while in the process of slitting its throat i got kicked by this deer. Owwwwww(didn't really hurt because of how much adrenaline was going through my veins hehe. Anyways this is one of the best gifts I could've asked for. Here I wanna show y'all my gift to myself!!!






I think Ahsoka likes my present to myself too, hehe. She was trying to steal my deer.

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