Wen Distribution?



Elton woke up feeling a bit peckish, it was quite unusual of him, but then he had a heavy dinner last night. He'd stayed up late doing some reviewing of people in the online community he was moderating. He went to the fridge and picked out just a bag of chips from his super-packed fridge.

He decided to go through some stuff in the community so he switched on his computer. The first message he saw was a long and well-written message about how the prizes that were to be shared after the review are yet to be shared two days after the promised day.

"Oof, it's two days already? I should have done this by now?" he said to himself.

"I'll do it soon don't worry." he already typed into the chat bar, but then he decided against it.

"Let me just remain silent till after I distribute. That way I don't have to face their wrath."

"Wen distribution? Wen Monies?" it started as a little voice. Elton looked around wondering where the sound was coming from. His house was empty, so he couldn't fathom where the sound was coming from. He looked into the Friscord chat once more and the words Wen distribution kept coming in in different variations

"I'll do it later, I just need to finalize some things." He said to himself as he stuffed his face with another chip from the bag.

The messages started flooding in faster this time, each time getting more and more desperate than the last. It was getting weird and started looking a bit scary, so Elton decided to watch the chat a bit more.


Suddenly he got a DM request. He scanned through and looked, this was a new discord account, it was created that same day. The username of the account was "WEN?"

"Haha, these guys are relentless. They just need to chill, it's just been 2 days, I'll get to it as soon as possible."

He opened the DM and all that was there was a video. All the preview showed was the words "WEN?" Elton knew not to open random messages, especially from his past experiences, but this one was too good to pass up.

"It's just a harmless video asking when the distribution is. What could go wrong?"

He clicked the video, and as soon as he did, his laptop started vibrating violently. He tried removing the video but it didn't work

"These darn guys put a virus in my PC. What the fuck!"

He watched in horror as the words "WEN Distribution" and "WEN Monies" alternated on the screen. All of a sudden a very loud scream filled the air.

"WEN, WEN WEN !!!"


The scream stopped for a second, Elton thought it was over and then it started again. This time it was two voices,



Then three voices, then four voices, before he knew it he lost count of the number of voices.

"This is getting too creepy" he said while pressing the power button aggressively but it wasn't working.

"What the fuck is this?" As he was struggling the power button shocked him and he hit his Computer as a reflex. It crashed to the ground and the sound stopped.

"Fuck, I just got that recently. Arggh"

All of a sudden the screams started again. Elton approached his computer and as he tried to pick it up he noticed the screen was broken. Some black substance started oozing out. Then he heard a cracking sound and a large slimy hand stuck out of his device. He stepped back and watched in disbelief as a small man-shaped creature escaped his monitor, and then another this one looked like a woman, and then another, and then another, and then another, and before he knew it his room was full. He was too stunned to even move. He just stood there in disbelief. He came back to his senses when he saw they were surrounding him.

"WEN ELTON?!! WEN DISTRIBUTION?!! WEN MONIES?!!" The screams were deafening.

"I'm coming, I have to follow protocol, there's some problems with the cash flow, I'm waiting for..."

"WEN?" One of them who seemed to be their leader screamed as he grabbed Elton by the throat.

Elton couldn't breathe. He wasn't dreaming, this was definitely real.

"WEN!!!, WEN!!!, WEN MONIES!!! WEN DISTRIBUTION!!!" they all started shouting in unison.

The leader let go of Elton's neck and he felt some relief, but he'd already lost some sense of orientation. They lifted and brought him to the front of the shattered computer from which they'd emerged.

"WEN WEN WEN!!!" they said as they lifted him and forced him to fit into the monitor. He screamed as his excess skin didn't pass through without coming off. Finally he went through. And he was never seen again.



First time writing some https://www.youtube.com/@MeatCanyon style sattire. Hope you enjoy it. Also to whom it may concern, Wen distribution?

Cover Image is Ai art generated by me using https://gencraft.com/u/b0s

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