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Hello gamers! I am back with my gameplay again. I was busy for a while and I didn’t post but now that I am back, I want to share the new Christmas special troops with you all. Christmas inspired events are here! I have been playing clash of clans since 2016. I left playing in 2018, my town hall level is 12 and I have maxed out everything and excited to level it up.

C.O.O.K.I.E E82E06F2-E394-4C74-A619-1635C61400F9.png

Cookie is my favourite troop for now like he is very adorable. To use cookie you must place it far back from the opposite lane and my primary motive would be to keep enemy units trapped as long as I can. This will create an opportunity for me to take down the tower and other units.

Cookie troops are very strong but it’s low hp and the troop attack style is kind of similar to the valkyrie. The cookie arrives by leaving devastation in its wake.

Anyways, it’s temporary and gonna last only 2 weeks, gonna have some fun with it without getting bored of it.



The Ram Rider has also become my favourite because it can easily stop a Cannon Cart. It is only available during Christmas event as it’s temporary. I think Ram Rider is a female troop, at first she would attack slowly and then kill the first form when her charge will be dealing with damage.



This is frostbite spells, Which slows down enemies and also the speed attack by 50%. First I have to drop some frostbites and then cookies and keep dropping spells later on release rest of the cookies. This spell can be used to take down some strong defences. Anyways, Frost Spell is not a replacement of any other spell such as freeze spell.


Easy 3 Stars

For me Cookie is the star of the show, it has 2,400 Hitpoints & gives 10,200 Damage Per Second. It does not have the highest HP but has the capabilities to make a force to be compute with.


3 Stars Attack

To get 3 stars at first I need to use ram riders in a multiple waves to destroy. After that I would set free a line of cookies behind Ram riders and also keep a few to release it on later. The most important thing is the frostbite spell to freeze which is gonna give damages to my troops.

Sometimes, it’s easy to attack because the base of the opponent is designed in a way which is easy to destroy. I think practices and strategies will help to destroy any kind of base.



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