A grand gesture as a Christmas gift.


"There are those who give with joy and that joy is their reward."

-Khalil Gibran


A big question is how Christmas is celebrated these days and the answer depends on each person. Everyone can experience it in different ways.

Some believe in Father Christmas, others celebrate the true meaning of the birth of Christ, for others it is a family reunion and for others it is eating something different and having a good time. There can be many more ways to experience this holiday.

It also depends on the religious belief, the country you are in, the experiences of the child.... So many things.

Children are always waiting for that present from Father Christmas, and it is true that we all carry a child in our hearts, and that is a good thing. The simplicity, innocence, but at the same time wisdom of a child is what we should always keep, and adults often lose it.

And many times those gifts do not come in material form or yes, but there comes a time when one values other gifts, or at least that is my case.

And as I have said on many occasions, sometimes life surprises us with wonderful things, and sometimes at Christmas.

Health, peace, love, joy, sustenance, family among other things are what I value most at Christmas, more than a big package on my tree. Maybe there is no package because those things I value don't fit in one, they are so big that no tree can hold them.

My good night and the beginning of Christmas was quiet, with family, peace, food on the table, a good movie, pleasant chats, relaxation, a phone call from my aunt and uncle whom I adore and many messages from dear people.

Christmas morning looked like a normal day, but with the memories of a peaceful and harmonious night. I appreciated that very much.

But as midday approached I received a very special gift from someone whose name I won't say but whose gesture filled my soul and was my best Christmas present. A friend who lives in the Canary Islands, she will read this I know.

Her words, the ones she said specifically touched my heart, an offer that I did not expect, that was the gesture, the gift for me the most precious gift. A friend that I made in the pandemic, and that little by little in many conversations we noticed we had points and experiences in common.

Friendship at a distance exists, and she is proof of that. Her words, her giving, her selflessness, her desire to always help, that is what I value most in life. I didn't expect it and yet it filled my soul. I am very happy to have found her on my path and to share so many similarities, even though we have never hugged, but I know that one day it will happen.

Good gestures sometimes happen at Christmas and one wonders if it was a coincidence, I don't believe in them, but in causalities and similar energies that meet.

They say that everything comes back in this life and today in those words I received, I had the return of my past actions. Thank you friend.

It is said that to know what you give you look at what you receive, it was very beautiful to have that message from the universe, one more of many that I have received. It is important to listen to those messages, to know how to see them.

May this day fill you all with beautiful experiences, moments of happiness, peace and joy.

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Have you ever received a beautiful Christmas message that you didn't expect, a gesture, a few words, something different? How did you experience it, what did you feel and what did you think? Do you believe in the miracles of Christmas? If you want you can tell me about any of them, I will be happy to read you.

A big Christmas hug to all of you. Thank you. Amonet.

All photographs are my own.

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