Origami Flower Shape Card Stands, How to Fold them


Hello Everyone! Today I make two paper card stands. They are made by folding paper. They are flower shape. Folding paper method is not very easy for them. It's a bit complicated. I have made simple card holders before. This is a flower shape, so I think it's a little beautiful. There are pictures of each step and write with texts on how to fold them.

Needed materials colored paper scissors pencil ruler

In the first step, the paper is cut by equal lengths with 20cm and fold it as five equal parts with 4cm. Fold the other side in the same way. In the next step, fold it in half two times. Fold the four corners as shown. It should be gathered and folded to the middle according to the folding lines. Have to spread and fold the two opposite side. Fold the edges from the upper surface of it. Fold each two sides to the middle. Fold the four corners slightly and fold them inwards according to the folding lines. Fold each two sides from the bottom to the middle. The corners must be folded like the upper surface. To get the flower shape, the bottom surface must be changed and folded according to the folding lines as shown in the picture. Fold a little the edges of each petal.

Another one is made by using pink paper. I really like those two because they are so cute and useful. I also take beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

December 25, 2023 Written by @asterkame By my photos & made by me

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