Beautiful Origami Umbrella


Hello Everyone! Today I also make an umbrella using paper . This one is made by gluing folds of paper of the same size . I make those folds of paper in different colors. Each paper is easy to fold and has few steps. But when gluing the paper together, I have patience to make it more neat and beautiful. I make it using only A4 size paper. I write with texts and you can see pictures on how to make it step by step.

Needed materials colored paper glue scissors pencil ruler

The first step is to cut 7 pieces of colored paper. They have to be the same length and width. I make them by measuring 10cm. Fold it in half and fold one side to the middle line. The next step is to spread it . Fold the edge of the paper to the center point. Fold the top edge as shown in the picture and put it inside. By the same way, make 7 colorful folds of paper . Have to attach them as shown in the picture.

When attaching them, fold and glue the protruding paper. Glue all by the same way to form an umbrella. I make a roll of blue paper for the handle of the umbrella. I punch a hole in the middle of the umbrella and attach it with the roll of paper. Then I bend one side as shown in the picture. I really like that umbrella after making it. It is easy to make and very beautiful. I also take beautiful pictures.Thank you so much for your reading my post to the end.

May 10, 2023 Written by @asterkame By my photos & made by me

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