Importance and Insights of Patience in Our Life


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Hello fellow Hiveans, hope you are all doing great. For me, it's been a bumpy ride since my last post as we had a baby. Now it all settled and back on track to write another post for another day. The last two months mostly involved visiting hospitals and taking care of the health of both my wife and the baby. Some of the times it felt like I was the only one having this problem. During these two months, my achievement in improving myself is building patience. Sometimes we see the little things disregard them and don't give much thought about them. But those are the things we must possess to improve our lives.

Before these two months, I was having a meltdown due to a lack of financial ability to take care of my family. But, it may be luck or my patience to wait for the right time I get an offer of a loan to settle my financial issues. This loan is like the right call at the right time. I was desperately waiting for some financial support to resolve my issues and my waiting has paid off at the end. Just a fortnight before the delivery of my wife I got the loan and it was disbursed to my account. As soon as the money was deposited into my account I paid off all my debts and was left with some further financial assistance throughout three months. From that money, I had a chance to spare some to invest in crypto and I did. For now, there is no considerable improvement in the tokens in which I invested. But, we will wait and see how it improves.

During these situations, my wife was always with me understanding my every step in our life. I couldn't be asking more from her. Sometimes these type of situations leads to thoughts of the worst moments. In those times only we need to improve our patience level towards life journey. As the proverb "Patience is the virtue of everything" states, having patience clearly can transform our life from down to up at certain points of our life. If you are doing what you are doing without worrying that you will fail, the best things can happen in your life. The human brain can be tricky sometimes and it will always turn a downside moment in your life into the worst situation in your thoughts and pull you back from it. A lack of patience habit can turn this thought into giving up on our own will.

Whenever we handle a situation with patience, we may not be successful for that time but we will sure be successful in time. So don't get down when life strikes you down, instead do what you have to do and hope for the best, and the situation clears itself up. There is only one thing having patience can do to you and that is bringing good to you. The old proverbs are not just folk tales, but they are the experienced summary of a situation and how it will turn out in our lives.

To improve our life with patience is to make a habit of being patient in situations instead of diving into them. Observe the situation with your experience and analyze how to move on with it. This procedure in turn makes you have the habit of patience and also improves your life.

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