AFRI-TUNES Week 94 | Too Faithful (cover) @ashiru



Hello Afritune, Every Music lover and listener. Merry Christmas to you all. My name is Ashiru. I'm always happy to be here every week, to share with us different kind of African music.

So this week, I'll be doing a cover song titled- "Too Faithful" by Moses Bliss. Moses Bliss is a Nigeria Gospel singer, songwriter who came to limelight after his debut single "Too Faithful".

The first time I heard this song was during my Nysc days, the moment i heard this song, I fell in love with the song. This song too faithful is a powerful worship songs, that can be used as a medium to express gratitude and adoration to God for his constant faithfulness.

Aside from that, if we look back from january till now, we would understand, how faithful the lord is, he has always keep us from harm, watch over our life, and he will continue to watch over our coming and going, today and forever. He's too faithful to disappoint because he never disappoint.

I hope you enjoy it.


You are who You are yesterday Today and forever more.

Thanks for your time on my Blog.



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