Baked Shenanigans, Obliterated, and 8k HP Achieved on Christmas Day



Baked Shenanigans

Food is my love language. I can literally stand up the whole day working in the kitchen, cooking for the people I love. Although, most of the time I do it because I do not exactly plan ahead. Mostly, I do the planning the day before or yep, the same day of the event -- be it a birthday or Christmas Eve. :D

I did not have a menu planned for Christmas Eve dinner. For the most part, I was just thinking to order something but I ended up doing some last minute shopping and cooked the rest of the day away.

I baked lasagna which was a hit to the fam -- it was wiped out for dinner. No left-overs. I'm flattered. LOL. I was also able to manage baking a

chocolate cake

last night but did not eat it until today. I noticed though, that after resting, the cake just literally deflated into a chocolate fudge or brownies, whatever you want to call it.

1000017077.jpg 1000017064.jpg

The Little Madam wanted sushi for today. I told her that I will make baked sushi instead (because I wanted to save myself the hassle of slicing the veggies) but I also lacked an ingredient, so we had to go out to the grocery again. I thought there was a branch of that cheaper grocery store nearby our place but for some reason, I did not spot that while driving and we ended up at the farther branch that had very limited parking space. I did not anticipate for the quick grocery run to turn up to an almost one hour escapade.


Baked sushi was a hit again. It got obliterated, I personally could not stop eating. Wait, it was Little Miss' request, but I equally enjoyed it, too!

I binge-watched Obliterated in Netflix the whole afternoon after lunch. It was so good, I finished the whole 8-episodes season without noticing it. It is rated 18+ and for that reason, I watched it on my phone the whole time.

Have you watched it yet? Here's the trailer for you. Let me know if this is something you'd also watch.

for some reason, the preview is not showing here at InLeo. Hope you get to see it in other front-ends.

8000 HP Achieved 🎊

It's not what I exactly aimed for this year, but heck, I am still happy to cross the 8000 HP milestone. FINALLY. I can definitely see an improvement in my curation rewards (even if I don't maximize it well). Hopefully, I will be able to touch 10,000 HP in 2024. 🤞

As in my LP goals that I achieved this year, I had a proper plan and that was religiously executed. I hope to mirror that with my HP in the coming year 2024.

That's been my boring Christmas. Looking forward to have more activities done this week leading to New Year.

How about you? How's your Christmas been? Hope you're having a blast with your friends and family.


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