Unboxing and Review of the NEWEST True Wereless Stereo M10


Today I just received a special item that I ordered via the online shop a few days ago, this item is a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) or we also often call it a Bluetooth Headset/Earphone branded Newest M10.

One of the reasons I bought this item was because the smartphone I'm currently using doesn't have a hole to insert a headset cable which makes me happy to buy this earphone. Let's unbox it and review it together in the Geek Zone community.

The packaging box

The box is made very simply using thick cardboard with a full print showing the contents of the earphones inside. On the front of the box there are also specifications for this product, namely Digital Indicator True Wereless Headset.

On the top or box it just says Made In China with some pictures of signs to avoid

On the left side of the box there are two different display images that will determine the digital image for the battery notification in the Earphone box when we charge the Earphones, and I chose the type of image below which is a semicircle for the battery information.

Then on the right side of the box there is information about how this Earphone works, first there is a signal image which indicates that this Earphone can be activated with a signal from Bluetooth, then there is a picture of the shape of the Earphone that we will find in the box, the function of the Earphone which can be used for listening music and calling, and the last one is information that these earphones have a super fast charging capacity or in other words fast charging.

The display on the back of the box contains some information about the superior features of this Earphone, starting from the type and version of the Earphone to the large capacity of the Earphone power bank battery which can last on a single charge for 280 hours and the Earphone battery itself can last up to 5 hours.

After opening the box and taking out the contents inside, I got two earphones, one earphone powerbank box which can also be used to charge a smartphone, and also one type A + B data cable to charge the earphone powerbank box.

Then I also got 2 pairs of rubber earphones as a backup if one of them was damaged or lost.

The following is the digital screen display of the power bank battery information when my earphones are being charged. The screen display is truly aesthetic and beautiful and I never get bored of looking at it.

When I first used these earphones, it felt very special to my ears because the sound produced from these earphones was very clear and the bass of the music was also very dense so I felt like I was hearing music as if I were in a car with classy audio.

And another thing that makes me very comfortable using these earphones is because the way they work is very simple, to connect them to a smartphone you only need a Bluetooth signal, so I can move freely without having to worry about being disturbed by the headset cable.

The roaming range is also very wide, even if my smartphone is in the room, I can move freely outside the house and the music I listen to still has perfect sound.

The size of the earphones is also not too big and not too small which makes them fit perfectly in my ears, so my ears feel comfortable and don't hurt when I wear them even when I'm lying down or when I wear them in a helmet when I'm driving.

This is a very special Earphone, I think it is appropriate if I recommend my friends to buy it because the price is very cheap with very special quality, for me to buy this Earphone I only need to pay 90 k Rupiah or 6 USD.

This is my unboxing and review of the new Earphones that I just bought, see you in the next post.

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