Wonderful Christmas Celebrations!


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Hello Everyone! First of all, wishing you all a Wonderful Merry Christmas!

This christmas, has be truly fantastic and totally awesome! Friends, family and all lovely near and dear ones have been filled with joy and fervour to celebrate in their own special and unique way.

There have been invitations a plenty and we have been literally very busy celebrating and there are ample of wonderful catures taken and to be shared with all my friends, here.

To start with, here are some extremely special captures from a very dear friend’s invitation at his place.

Truly remarkbale, such astonishing ambience and total fun!!!

The candles lit beautifully graced the surroundings in such a marvellous way. I couldn’t stop my capturing enough to share them with my family and friends.

The christmas cake was super yummy and wowww, just so delicious, what else I could ask for !!! The layers in the cake were magical, just loved relishing it !!!

Finally the Great Grand and so beautifully decorated Christmas Tree has really been cherry on the cake !!! Wowww!!!

It was one truly fantastic and mesmerising experience, being there, enjoy abundantly and coming back home with such amazing memories.

It really means a lot when people around you care for you…make you feel special, love you in the make unique way that is just so very special. You feel just like Royal !!! Yeahhh!!!

Love you all !!!

Merry Christmas !!! and the stories…shall continue…!!! LOL !!! Keep watching for more ! There is lot to come !!!

Cheers !!!

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