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Hello Everyone, pampering and lifting one's mood is absolutely crucial, in today's crushing times, when we are hard pressed for almost everything! Yes! That's so very true! Many, may deny this, but accepting this fact is very important for one's mental health! It's so ironical, that we exploit and crush #nature with our evil deeds, yet we go back to the nature to seek solace! This is universal! So universal that only extremely very very few people do really bother to care anout the nature and one's #life !!! I mean, its so beautiful #world that we live in and still no matter how much damage has been done, we can still repair and can recover from it. But if gone beyond a certain point then it will really be difficult! But is anyone listening!!! The seas and #oceans are our lifeline. We are absolutely dependent on them for almost everything! Our recreation, fun, enjoyment, relaxing times, time to sit on the beach and unwind, surfing, fishing, etc. etc... all these happen on the beach, by the seaside, in the seas and oceans! We got to protect our oceans from plastic and all the garbage being dropped into it. Oil Spilling is another major issue that needs some stringent measures to be taken against the offenders. Lack of consensus, universal laws applicable across the globe! Is the need of the hour. Protection of resources is absolutely vital, crucial and essential for the humanity to gracefully enjoy our stay on earth for a long long time, without causing much damage to its resources, perhaps... I am dreaming! Without significant joint effort... Its impossible to protect and conserve! Else, the constant degradation is inevitable in the near future. But I really dont want humanity to repent! I want Green and Clean 馃寧 Earth, Oceans and its resources!!! Here are couple of captivating captures that wonderfully describe the sheer beauty of Seas and Oceans. Enjoy watching!!! The humanity, the beach, the seaside and the harmonious equation!Those astonishing moments!_

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Hello Everyone!, outing with #nature is absolutely an amazing experience that literally helps all of us, rejuvenate! No matter how tiring it can be but still its refreshing to the inner core! That's the truth! You actually enjoy every bit of it! The more... Is actually less and we all want more and more of it! Though everything is time bound. It's good to be time bound! Only then you know its worth... In the real sense! The same applies to "Outing" as well! What is a #life without outing with fabulous nature!!! Think... and think... again! Mother Nature is actually very giving... despite the fact, we exploit its resources and beauty everyday, it still lets you to come and enjoy!!! In the most magnificent way! Would you let such notorious guests into your house!? Who are such type! Of course Not! Always, admire and appreciate the kindness and generosity of Mother Nature! The beautiful lush green #garden is just for you! and you and you!!! :) I mean there are plenty of people who do have beautiful garden at home... #hivegarden but they too do want to be at a different place for an Outing! Where strangers meet to form a beautiful company of each other and still be strangers!!! After, tiring and arduous week, the weekend has to be relaxing to unwind in the most beautiful manner! Either alone or with family and even friends or fiance, it has to be a very special time to relax and just be yourself!Its absolutely essential!!!Sit with nature, sunbathe, relax, take natural vitamin D and the sheer freshness of the beauty and greenery all around! The entire surrounding is inviting you to cone, sit and relax! You got to find time for yourself_Enjoy watching the birds, having amazing time, so can you, watching them. Water has greater affinity to almost all the birds, human beings and creatures... Save and conserve water!!! Keep lakes and water bodies clean safe and pollution free! _***_Tebo and his friend pla

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Hello Everyone, we all remain busy in our personal and professional obligations all the time. Finding time is usually crucial... Time is actually a constraint for millions! Right! Is it a Reality or an inhibition!!! I won't jump into that... At all! All i know is that our Solar System, its components, they all do adhere to time in the most brilliant manner and with punctuality! Sun God plays the most vital and crucial role from dawn till dusk! With the first ray of light the life begins to function in the most beautiful way to the golden hues of dusk, indicating the day is coming to an end. Such a magnificent #nature and the beautiful cycle of #life, which is revolving around the rotations of #Sun God in totally marvelous way!!! Sun plays the most vital, the utmost important role in the lives of all the creatures... organisms on earth! We chase Sun all the time, with following time or deviating from time, but its punctuality is 100% adherence! The discipline followed meticulously! The wholesomeness of Sun comes completely visible over the sea... Ocean... where it all becomes larger than life image! Truly captivating! All vivid variety of angles, captures, shots over the seaside and those ultra magnificent #sunset are truly outstanding! You gotta feel the real depth! Each shot signifies a beautiful story! See it to believe it!!! Enjoy watching these impressive shots that hold beauty in itself in the most astonishing way. Feel the essence of being there and having witnessed that breathtaking moment with your own eyes... and making it absolutely memorable!!! Awww... that moment to witness and cherish... over that wet sandy #beach, holding beautiful expressions!The #monochrome mood look fantastic with Sun, sky and water!That golden hue is absolutely wonderful to watch and witness and capture!![IMG_20240605_194317.jpg](

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Hello Everyone, Whenever, wherever you see them, it brings immediate smile on your face.They have such an aura, marvelous personality and such a sheer beauty that you definitely get swayed by them. They are beautiful #flowers gifted to the mankind by #nature.Sometimes, I seriously feel and believe that these amazing flowers were crafted and created as divine gift to the humanity. Since time immemorial, our ceremonies, occasions, festivals, functions, weddings, birthdays and many other small parties would be totally incomplete without these magnificent flowers! Isn't it! People rush to the flower shops, buys Bouquets for friends and families... no doubt its considered as a very important part of Greeting! But flowers....Do flowers want to be in that state! I think and believe No! These stunning flowers want to stay connected to the earth and nature, enjoy the sun, rain, cool breeze and be in the company of other flowers on the flower bed. But... Alas!!!!When i watch these vivid and vibrant abundant flowers all together it gives me happiness. I thoroughly enjoy their company in a #garden.The pansies, dahlias, petunias, dianthus, calendula, purple cabbage, azaleas... The list is endless, they all soothe your senses. Love them, love watching them. Dont pluck them!!! Let them flourish in the #HivegardenThe stunning DahliasThe exceptionally gorgeous DahliasThe captivating Tulip fields, so very beautiful!Let the Mother Nature created and assembled floral bouquet be the one that is beautifully pr

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Hello Everyone, the world has transformed a lot and middle east is one fantastic example! Never seen, never heard and evolved at such fastest pace! Its absolutely mind-bogling. See it to believe it. Civilizations, countries took several hundred thousand years to gradually reach where we are today with a mix of everything. Modern World, technology and Old World coming together. But when you see #Dubai its a mirage. Its unbelievable! Its outstandingly different from every angle, every perspective and thought, feel and vision. I am a ardent nature lover, therefore I am honestly not so very fond of concrete jungle, but this concrete jungle is indeed like crystal maze. You like being in there! But for sometime... Else it may compel you to leave or you will have to leave for several other compulsions. Such a #life! First and foremost, it always seem to me an ultra modern developed alien place that doesn't seem like part of earth. My eyes find greenery, mountains, lush green forests and amazing waterfalls... & then you get to see...1,2,4,9,11,18,20,30.... Skyscrapers! Some more Skyscrapers... and so on! & on! Nights are unbelievably awesome, stunning, gorgeous, colorful, wonderful, remarkable and most memorable! This capture is definitely a million words & I am totally lost in its depth, rather In the state of complete oblivion!!!Its 24X7X365 state of complete pomp and show... Spectacular display of power, money and almost everything available on the planet!Its a dream... absolutely!I mean you can't stand there forever! When you are back... It just feels like a dream sequence!!!Get your life colourfully beautiful in the most wonderful way, but for a short while!The sheer attraction of the sand dunes and that #sunset is absolutely inviting