My relationship with coffee. A love for life.



Friendly greetings dear Hivers, it's good to be once again in the community in your space sharing with other coffee lovers. I was particularly struck by the Debatable Prompt because I think we've all heard that idea about decreasing coffee consumption and of course we've questioned it.

In the traditional Venezuelan culture, specifically in the Andean region, we consume coffee unscrupulously. Since we are children we learn to consume coffee either with milk or black. In my case it was no exception, since I was a child I have had coffee every morning and as I have grown up the consumption of coffee has increased instead of decreasing. I can say that now I drink coffee practically all day long. I have a thermos at home that is filled as soon as I get up and if possible it is filled twice throughout the day, which is equivalent to 1 or 2 liters of coffee a day. Even so, if I go out I don't miss the opportunity to go to a coffee shop or accept a cup of coffee when I go to visit.


In all this process and in spite of the myths that exist about the benefits of drinking less coffee or even to stop consuming it, I have never considered giving up coffee. In reality I feel very good when I drink it, not only because I like its flavor and aroma, but also because it makes me belong to a global community of people that consume coffee. That closeness to a group is something that we human beings appreciate very much.


However, I have had to reduce my coffee consumption a few times for reasons beyond my control and it has not been a pleasant experience. I have suffered from headaches and photosensitivity, as well as a terrible mood. Also during the economic crisis we are facing in Venezuela I had periods in which money was not enough to buy coffee, so I had to go several weeks without tasting a single drop. Those were difficult days, not only because of the coffee, but undoubtedly a good cup would have helped me to face the situation in a better mood.

I think everything is relative, it's all about what our body asks of us, we have to learn to understand our body. A few months ago I had another interesting experience with coffee, because my dear @jetta.amaya got sick, from one day to the next I had to assume all the responsibility of the house alone, because she was on total rest. It was quite exhausting, because she was not sleeping well, she was very worried and anxious. At that moment I naturally reduced the consumption of coffee, I realized when 2 or 3 days passed, because it was totally unconscious.

When my nerves passed and I was calm again, I consumed the same amount again, maybe a little more. But it was not premeditated, I simply listened to what my body wanted and that was it.


Okay that will be all for now, I really enjoyed participating because it was a very thoughtful process. Thank you for the space, I hope to be back here soon.

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