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#832 - Ilocos Shots for Wednesday.Greetings this rainy evening fellow beautiful Hiveans. It's been several days of continued raining because of a typhoon and weather system. The river in our area where I used go jog has reached third alarm already and force evacuations has been going on overnight in the lower areas. The rain never stops, a colleague also has experienced flooding at their place and was forced to relocate to a relative. This is just the beginning of the rainy season and there could be more like this on in the coming months. The room of my mother in law was also drenched in water coming from the wall where water sipped in. I had to move their furnitures to clear the way and put several containers to catch the waters. She can't use her bed because there's also water coming out from the ceiling so he will use my son's room for the moment and my son will move to our room while I work at night downstairs. It's tough times where we are right now.Moving now to our daily shots which is about our travel to Ilocos region last month. Here we have some of the shots taken, this one is when we arrived in Vigan Ilocos Sur. We had to stop by for a rest and meal here but first we walked the famous Calle Crisologo even at day time the place is flocked by locals and tourists. There are also several stores that sells different kind of items like religious souvenirs and local foods the province is proud of. There are also locals who offers their service like taking photos for the group. It's up to you on how much tip you want to give to them. The local took this shot with the heritage homes along the Calle which dates back to the Spanish era in the country which was in 1560s onwards. Then after walking for some time we noticed there are also local businesses that offer foods and drinks and one o

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#830 - Monochrome for Rainy Tuesday.Greetings dearest Hiveans! It's raining all throughout the day here in our location because of the typhoon that's been hitting the country for a couple of days now. It seems it will be staying for a couple of days more. Typhoon Carina is expected to be out of the country already by Thursday hopefully. There's also a construction of a house going on near us and the electric wire from the post going to my mother in law's house is affected. So I called Meralco to expedite to send their linemen to move our wire but since it's been raining then it may take a while before they could come out since this request is less priority.Now for our daily shots in monochrome we got here two men, a younger one and older. The scene was under the bridge which is an overpass used by people to move from street to streets. There's also a rain going on during this afternoon time when the shot was taken. The younger man sat on the metal barrier keeping his balance so he won't fall off. He was also playing a game in his phone at the same time while his bag is hanging on the edge of the metal barrier. Then the older man sat in a squat position on the post of the overpass with a stick in front of him. Not sure what the stick is for, he could have a visual impairment and the stick is a help or he could be using it also for walking.A shot early in the morning at a famous crossing along the Session road. It's famous because there's too many people using it during rush hours kike the ones in Japan. But this time it was too early and there's only a few walking. These two ladies walked across each other while the man inside the taxi cab was looking out. One of the women is covering her eyes maybe because of the too much light coming from the sunrise. Next one is a scene taken from the overpass wherein it was raining heavily and saw some people. We have here lots of bloke walking while the rain needles keep pouring. One of them man id speaking over the phone. Then one of the women was also checking her wallet and se

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#831 - Gabaldon Nueva Ecija Shots for Monday.Greetings this gloomy Monday beloved Hiveans. It's my second day of rest and woke up early but there's bit of rain showers going on but I went to the sports center still without the wife. When I arrived there riding a jeepney I noticed that there's no people around the oval at all jogging and that's when I realized that it's closed for the day. But I still pursued walking into the gates of the center where I saw a sign saying closed for the day because of the president SONA. There is also a high numbers of Police in the center maybe they are waiting to be deployed to the event to make sure that it stays peaceful even when far left groups are there nearby doing their rally stuff asking for more from the current government which they always did to all the previous presidents that took office.Moving on now to our daily shots we got here some photos as remembrance when we went to visit Dingalan Aurora. We left Sunday during the wee hours and along the way we saw some nice attractions. The travel was smooth and there's no heavy traffic at all thanks to Sunday which means most people are not busy and just at home doing their stuff and that there is no need to wake up early too. We passed by the Dupinga river which is a famed attraction in this town of Gabaldon. We stopped by momentarily in the middle of the bridge of the river and took some photos since we only see this place in social media wherein lots of people, families, friends go to the river to bath and relax. We stopped by at around eight in the morning if not mistaken and there are already some people who rented some of the nipa huts along the river and they are already in the river swimming. Most part of the river is shallow but there's an area where s tall rock is located and that's where the deep part is. The rock is also where the daredevil climb and jump showing off their driving skills. The water flow comes from the mountain range of the Sierra Madre. ![IMG-c6

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#829 - Colors for Sunday.Happy Sabbath evening dearest Hiveans. It's gloomy and raining here today. After my shift I went to bed early at six so I could wake up early as well around ten because I have lots of dirty laundry to take care of. I managed to complete the task around noon and then after that I started to watch the movie Dune part two which I haven't completed because it's too long. Then my wife asked to go to the the sports center even if there is rain going on. So we left, the three of us. We made it there just in time before the rain poured again. We used the area where it's covered, where the chairs are located. There were steps there and that's where we did some walking exercises until we were done after a sweaty one hour. We had lots to perspire and then we went home right after. On the way we stopped by near the school of my son and that's where we ate several street foods that we haven't eaten for a while. Then back home before dark. That's the rest of my day and how about you?Now for our daily shots in colors we have here a scene which is a blurry one. It was unintentional shot, it just so happened that I snap the shot before the focus got there to the subject hence these people walking on the road side which were my subject are in blur. Here we have two matured ladies walking together when the sun was already up and causing vision impairment to those who have a direct glance at it. The two women were holding on to some eco bags and their bags. It was a cold morning hence they wear jackets or sweaters. They are passing by the fences of Melvin Jones park which is always the place for New years fire works celebration. A local man, you could tell because he wears denim jeans and jacket, is sitting on the middle of the road. The man is picking his nose while he also hold on to his phone. It was a Sunday time where people are all over the street and there are no vehicles allowed. I think that's my reflection in the mirror just behind the man. ![P1190952.jpg](

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#830 - Travel Shots to Atok Benguet.Greetings dearest Hiveans. Finally the weekend has arrived and while everyone is having an out of town or good times out there somewhere, it's my last night of shift this week also so I am pretty happy about it too because tomorrow I can be on rest finally. I will be able to do the laundry and go out for some walk either near the river or at the sports center in town which is just s jeepney ride away. Hopefully the shift tonight will be quiet so I don't have much pressure at work to do. Well, yesterday was a mix emotion because of that Crowdstike thing that caused a global outage right? My work was not spared too, lots of windows related stuff got the issue but luckily my device was ok when I used it... perhaps it's been almost half a day already when it occured and there might have been some internal fixed that got implemented when I logged in.Let's move on now to our daily shots which were taken when we went to the Northern Blossom flowers farm which is found in Atok, Benguet. It's about five hours of trip from Dingalan Aurora which was the initial part of our tour. I had a good amount of sleep when we traveled but I was still feeling sleepy maybe because I lack sleep hour from the other day. The drive was smooth with occasional traffic that we encountered but didn't last long enough. We stopped by at the famed Lion's Head and did some photos and also rest there for a while. We also bought ice cream with strawberries flavor and also wear those traditional Igorot costumes. The three of us paid less than $2 for our costumes. The wife almost got me pierced here 😂😅. Then finally afte

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#828 - Monochrome Friday.Happy Friday evening fellow Hivers. It's the start of the weekend already and just drink moderately to those who have plans going out. I have already passed this stage in life that I would go out for a night life. I am at the stage where I would prefer being at home and just watching Netflix or doing some home base exercises or probably going out near the river for a quick walk.Now for our first monochrome shot today. Here we have a rainy afternoon where there's also a cause of heavy traffic on the left side of the road leading to the stop light. There is always a heavy traffic going on in this city anytime of the day and when the rain pours, it gets worse. There are also people in the frame which can be seen accessing the pedestrian crossing going to the side of the street where the heavy traffic is. Then next we got here a crowd of people. The place is just by a foot bridge and also a terminal for jeepneys. We can see several people that are sitting or standing on the left just by the wall, those are passengers waiting for jeepneys. While the rest of the people in the middle and the right most side are pedestrians passing by who came from the footbridge or going to use the bridge. Most of these people are young and it was raining when this shot was taken. The next one we have showcases a young mother's love shown while she carries her young son as the mother walk under the heavy rain while also holding on to her umbrella and bag at the same time. It's not easy being a mother especially with small kids like this, it's a demanding task to fulfill. There is also another woman walking behind them and is also carrying an umbrella and bags. Lastly we can see here three young men walking to cross the road in a pedestrian lane. All three are seem to be wearing fashionable brands which are not cheap. I don't wear this kinds because I am a thrift person who onl