Badminton court, in North Aceh


Hi all hive friends, on this occasion I want to share some photos and articles that I took some time ago.

This is a badminton court in North Aceh, Gedung, Cheap Mulia District. This field used to be a rice or paddy factory which operated on a large scale but has now stopped operating.

It has been neglected, perhaps one of the reasons is that now there are mobile factories that accept services for peeling rice that has been dried in the sun during the day, so there is less interest in factories like this.

So now it is allocated as a badminton court, we routinely play badminton at this place twice a week on Sunday evenings and Tuesdays, precisely after Isha prayers, there are also those who play in the morning on Sundays and Saturdays.

Some of the people who play badminton here are local and some are from outside the area, such as Lhokseumawe, Bayu, Puntet, Panggoi and various other areas.

For equipment for playing rackets such as rackets, shoes, sports clothes and other equipment, the price for shoes ranges from 100,000 to 1 million depending on the brand. Likewise with trousers and other equipment for playing.

here we are only required to pay Rp. 3,000 per ball we play per ball we play. I initially played here because I was invited by a friend whose house happens to be close to this field and often plays on this field.

Usually, after playing badminton, we sit in a coffee shop or Warkop which is near the badminton court. This badminton court is located right next to the road to Jungkat Gajah.

In front of it there is a wooden crab or a crab trading business and provides furniture such as windows, doors, cupboards, sets of room contents, and so on. The price is fairly normal, not too expensive and cheap and the quality is quite good.

This factory was only founded about 2 years ago, initially it was just empty land in front of the abandoned factory.

That's my post. On this occasion, don't forget to keep an eye on my next post. My greetings are Al Firdaus. Thank you, see you on another occasion.

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