Saved someone life on Christmas day : Merry Christmas everyone!


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Friends, I hope you all are happy and celebrated Christmas very well. Today, all the people must have celebrated Christmas well by keeping aside their sorrows and their corporate life and why not, Christmas day comes only once in a year and that too is such a precious day, so why should it be loved by everyone? . Today I was busy celebrating with my friends. Today my friends had invited me to their house and hosted me for dinner.

By the way, I am a healthcare provider, so I think about my patients' happiness before my own. Today I also had to celebrate with my friends, but saving the lives of patients was more important than my happiness, so today I went to the hospital even though I did not want to. But that one patient was very serious and he needed my help a lot. When I reached the hospital, the patient's condition was very bad and within some time he had cardiac arrest. I immediately looked at the patient's cardiac monitor which showed that the patient's pulse/heartrate had gone to 0. I immediately performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the team and fortunately the patient's life was saved. After 5 hours, the patient's health got better and he became conscious. We the ICU team extubated him and took him off the ventilator support. Within a short time the patient started eating food with his own hands. Maybe that's why God sent me to the hospital.

I was getting calls after calls from my friends, they were inviting me to their home for Christmas celebration. I really wanted to go to my friends' house, so I left to go to my friends' house. My friend Deyan Maivan's house was very well decorated. Maivan fed me very good food at the party and I felt very good at my friend's house. I have shared some pictures of the decoration with you. Hope you guys liked it. Hope your Christmas was not as busy as mine.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of you.

Category | Christmas celebration ----------- | ------------ DECIVE INFROMATION | Samsung Galaxy M31s Brand | Samsung CAMERA | Quad camera setup - 64MP (F1.8) main camera + 12MP (F2.2) ultra wide camera + 5MP (F2.4) depth camera + 5MP (F2.4) macro camera . CAMERA SETTING| ƒ/1.8, 1/50, 5.23 mm, ISO400 LOCATION | India IMAGE CLICKED BY| All images clicked by me - @alfazmalek02 .



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