Playing the mind game according to the The Art of War




you might have seen, that a virtual nobody person is flagging my post like obsessed lately. This is good, as he will not focus on you, but on me, and the only thing I will do, I will increase my posts, to drain his power away.

There are some great books regarding behaviour, strategy, and tactics. One of the best, being The Art of War. The tactics in there, can also be applied today, in many ways. I know that the one who loves me, is not going to read it, but this is a strategic manoeuvre, for him to focus on me, rather than on others. Due to his rage, he is not able to see that I'm posting, to let him lose focus on others. This is very well described in The Art of War. Especially in chapter V and VI, where weaknesses are addressed.

I would recommend anyone who is in business, to read this book. There are many more books that are worth reading, especially from the East Asian realm. Chinese, Korean, and Japanese are masters in strategy and this can be seen in the developments of their countries. Even if China is still called communist, it changed to a particular capitalistic system, where strategies work.

The Art of War is suitable in so many ways. One of the best advices is to adapt to the battle. Change tactics, see the answer and act accordingly.

Know your field, and your resources. Sometimes, your resources are scarce, use them wisely. Burn a resource, only on a great expense on the other side.

But in the end, aim for peace, peace is the best in any case and helps prosperity. Few people understand it, that building is much better, even if harder, than destroying.

How do you see it?

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