Poor Jumper


I've been having a hard time finding fascinating insects lately, as well as mushrooms. Except for the ugly pest insects, they were nowhere to be seen. I have no idea whether this is due to the long dry season, but for mushrooms, I think it is.

Even though it hasn't rained for a long time, our yard has been filled with so many weeds. There I often find a variety of fascinating insects to capture. Sometimes you have to play hide and seek with them. But recently, the weeds have been deserted by "visitors," especially nectar seekers.

It's so quiet not to hear the buzz of wasps, bees, or hoverflies! Maybe I'm not the only one who feels it. Insect predators like jumping spiders probably feel the same way. I have no idea who they will be hunting.

This morning, I saw a jumping spider on a papaya tree. I thought this guy was unemployed. I saw him flusteredly crawling here and there because there was nothing to prey on. There were only ants there; it didn't seem like they were something he wanted to prey on.


When I wanted to take photos, this little guy jumped on my wrist, and that made me feel a little tickled.



For a moment he seemed to want to play there, brushing the hairs out of my arms like grass.


Maybe he thought he might find some prey there, and I let him do that. But what he was looking for was still not found.



He kept crawling here and there. Poor guy, I thought. I led him back to the papaya tree. I hope he's not frustrated and quickly finds the prey he's looking for.

Latin name Observation date Location
Phintelloides versicolor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phintelloides 10.05.2023 Uteunkot, Lhokseumawe City, Aceh, Indonesia

All of the images here are my own work, taken with a Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.

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