Floods in Lhokseumawe - December 25, 2023


Hi all Friends at CCH,

Hello everyone how are you I hope we are doing well and hopefully what we can do today can be the best for ourselves and also for other. And on this day too we must be enthusiastic in carrying out all our activities and hopefully these activities can bring extraordinary results.

On this occasion, on this happy night, I will share a story about a place that I took randomly, And I will also explain it one by one with what I know about it, hopefully this will be something interesting and make friends like my posts. Always excited for all my friends.

Yesterday the rain was quite heavy, and it didn't stop until this afternoon, until this morning my place was flooded, and not since morning, it had even been flooded since last night.

After a long time here it can also flood, this is because the rain is heavy and also long, and I am grateful that it can rain because it is not hot, and there are good things and bad things.

Maybe that's all I can say at this opportunity, I hope the random story that I gave this time can be something interesting. And hopefully stories like this can make us more productive in making a work and hopefully that work can also be imitated by many people.

That's all I can say on this occasion, may it be a blessing and also useful for all of us, And I also thank you for visiting my post, See you in my next post.

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