A Productive Day: A Recent Day Update


Hi Guys!

I'm #Ahsan

Hope everyone is doing well and doing their jobs very well. So, like every day, our day begins with the name of Allah. And after having breakfast in the morning, I went back to my bed. I sat there for a while and then rested for a while. As soon as I wake up in the morning and have breakfast, I must go to bed once because I get rid of a little bit of fatigue. Because a person gets tired after sleeping at night. Haha So I go there again, use the mobile for a while, refresh myself, then do the next thing.

Today was a very happy day because after many days the sun came out in the morning. Today's sun was like the summer sun because the sun had a lot of attraction and a lot of heat. Due to this, we had a hard time sitting in the sun today, earlier we used to seek the sun, but today the sun was very strong, and we did not feel very cold today. And now it seemed like summer had started. So this morning I left the house without a coat and any socks and went out and had a little fun.

When I came out, I saw that my cousins were doing their work, so I went to them. They were doing their work but I sat with them just to keep them company. And walked with them for a long time because they were also thankful that the sun had come out today. Because of the cold, all the trees that were there were dead, and any crops that were there were not growing much. Because of this, he thanked Allah.

Since it is the season of potato harvest, the potatoes have to be harvested now so that they can be harvested and sold. So it must be sunny because it becomes very difficult to drive a tractor on wet ground. They also started to develop the machine for the same work. My uncle did this job very well and he was preparing his machine. Because it is the season of owl harvest, every servant has to pluck the potato. So they were giving oil etc. to the machine to make it work.

I was just standing there when another cousin called me standing far away. Because he was bringing sugarcane for me which I eat with great gusto. So many people who are from the city eat this thing very fondly because it is available occasionally. We often eat it in our village. So he called me to take this sugarcane and eat it and suck its juice.

I started sucking the cane standing there. So at the same moment, my other friend saw me and he called me. I went to him and greeted him and said yes, what's the matter. He told me to give sugarcane because whoever is there is crazy about sugarcane and wants to suck it himself. So then I sucked half myself and gave the rest to him so he could enjoy it too. Thus we both sucked it together.

Then my other friend to whom I had given sugarcane is his younger brother who has also been working on this platform. He and I went together to the garden from where we had to bring the spinach. He had to cook greens, mustard greens which are very popular in the village, he had to cook them in which he had to put the spinach we brought home. So we went to the garden and got spinach from there and then came home from there.

Then he went to his house and I came to my house. When I came home, I called my friend to take the ATM card from our house and withdraw our money. I told him that as soon as I was free, I would take the card from home and withdraw money from the ATM. will So after some time I took that ATM card from his house and came home and looked in the house and mother said that the top buttons of our machine are broken, you took them. I told them ok I will bring that too. And I will also take out the money. So in this way, I took those two things and went to Harappa Station, a city near me, from where all those things were to be found.

There I first went to the bank from where I withdrew money through an ATM card. After withdrawing money I stood there for some time because I went with my other friend and he was depositing his money inside.

Then after that, we stopped by a vegetable shop because we had to buy green chillies from there. Which was put in the same greens in which we had to put the spinach that we brought from the garden. So it is very important to add green chilies for the greens to cook them well and properly.

And then went to an electrician's shop because the button that was broken on our machine was only to be found in a shop that carries electrical equipment. Because it was a washing machine, the washing machine is also included in the electrical items. Because it also runs on electricity, these things also had to be found there. So I went to the shop and showed them a broken button that I had. So they accordingly gave me two buttons which fit our machine.

And then I came home and put those buttons on my machine which fit. And then later went to bed to rest for a while because the sun was too much so there was no way to sit in the sun. If we sat in the shade, then we felt a little cold. So I went back to my bed.

I use my father's package every month, so his package was over. They called me on WhatsApp because they had internet but no other call package. So they called me on the Internet and said that my package is expired so please reactivate it. Reactivated the package.

This is how my day ends. I hope you all like it and thank you all for stopping by. Until then, in the next post, God bless you all. Regards: #Ahsan

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