Christmas Eve Song By My Village Children


Christmas is usually full of fun with many activities. Every tribe or region may have their own way to celebrate with her friends and families. Anytime Christmas is usually close almost all the children in my village usually plan ahead to see a way they can entertain the people as part of Christmas celebration.

From 1st December, female children will send information to all the children within the village. The essence for this is for the children to identify that they'll be included for the year Christmas song. Already, the one who will be sending notifications for other children automatically becomes the leader. So, those who will indicate interest will have their names registered by the Christmas song leader.

Starting from the first day for the Christmas song interest, they'll be a date by the leader for the children to agree on the date and time which they'll be using for the Christmas song practice. Normally, the practice is usually at night when all the children will be at home and must have finished what they're supposed to do for the parents.

The children will stick to the agreed date and time for the Christmas song practice. This will continue to happen in the month of December.

What's usually included in the Christmas song practice is usually a tribal, traditional, mother tongue song but all in the favor for Christmas celebration. Most of the songs are true life stories. There are events, achievement, good and bad experiences that happened in a life time. The children will then customize it into songs for Christmas. As the songs will be sang during the Christmas day, people will gather to listen to old memories of the song.

one week close to the day for Christmas celebration day, the children will then contribute money. The money will be used to buy items which they'll be dressed with. Part of the money will then be used to cook food they'll eat before going out on the Christmas day.

A night to Christmas day, the children involved for the Christmas song practice, will have to sleep a house close to where they usually practice.

This morning, my community children were the first to which me Merry Christmas using their Christmas song whistle. I came out from my house with happiness full over me and my family. The children entertained us with different Christmas songs which I later gave them some cash to say thank for celebrating Christmas with me. . As they sang for me and my family, they were singing and moving around in a circle form. The used a whistle to communicate.

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