My Favorite Anime Character: Goku (a.k.a. Kakarot)



It has been a long time since I first watched Dragon Ball on local television here in our country, if I remember right it was in 1986. In that year Dragon Ball was shown every Sunday at 5:00 PM. Dragon Ball is the reason back then why I always go home before 5:00 PM to watch it.

Dragon Ball - the first time I saw Goku on television

When I first watched Dragon Ball I instantly fell in love with it and it goes hand in hand with Goku, he became my favorite character from then on. Goku became my favorite character because of his pure heart and also because of his prowess in battles and also because he likes to eat a lot in just one sitting, amazing!

Dragon Ball Z - my admiration for Goku deepens

After the conclusion of Dragon Ball, there were three Dragon Ball movies released and then the follow-up anime was released in 1989. Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of the inaugural Dragon Ball that was shown in 1986. To be honest, Dragon Ball Z is one of my favorite series in the entire Dragon Ball canon. If I remember it right, Dragon Ball Z is the series where Son Goku is finally able to transform into the mythical Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball became my all-time favorite anime

Between the years 1989-1995, there were 13 movies released in that span I came to love the anime because of Goku. There's just something in Goku's personality that I like very much.

The "Tournament of Power" and the "Ultra Instinct"

After Goku transformed into Super Saiyan God for the first time in Dragon Ball I came to like the character more because of his history and the powers that he acquired. But then Akira Toriyama still has left in his sleeve when the "Tournament of Power" finally arrives. It is in this tournament that there are a lot of new characters introduced and a whole new story arc that was based on the previous series.

I was not expecting anything impressive when the Dragon Ball Z series concluded but the Dragon Ball Super arrived and it introduced one of the most significant events in Dragon Ball, the "Tournament of Power".

It is in "Tournament of Power" where Goku awakens another transformation, the "Ultra Instinct". This transformation was so impressive, powerful, and hard to attain. Goku cannot use Ultra Instinct at will, not just like his SSGSS that he can use at will.

That is all for now guys, catch you up with the next one. Wishing you all safety, good health, and abundance.

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