CAN WHAT GOES UP STILL COME DOWN? Inflation everywhere.



Week 61 is so full of interesting topics and I did love each of them.

Welcome back to my blog and happy Wednesday to everyone in the house.

It was said before that what ever goes up will come down, but that saying is no longer working for our generation. I guess the reason is because change is the only thing that is constant. It have changed from "whatever goes up must surly come down" to whatever that is down must keep going up and never come down.

This week 61 edition 2 contest is " Inflation Pangs" though I don't know if other countries are facing it in such a way that we Nigeria is facing it today.

It all started from the beginning of COVID-19 virus. We started experiencing the price of things going higher and we thought that it will soon come down once we manage to come out of COVID-19 problem. But we all got it wrong. COVID-19 has long gone but inflation that came along with it has refused to go. It has embarrassed our countries and refused to let go.

CAN WE EVER COPE WITH INFLAMMATION? Sincerely speaking, people have been going through a lot of hardship because of the way and manner things are going high on daily basis. You can imagine what it looks like when you get to the market and buy something at the rate of #3000 today and after three days, you send someone to go to the same place or store to get the same thing you bought three days ago. Only for you to hear that the price has doubled to #6000.

Why we are getting it too hard is because the government seems not to be disturbed about it, or should I say that they are not aware of the situation? If they have tried to do anything about it I believe that we will not be going through all of these today. But I believe that God is aware of our situation and that is all that matters to me. One worse thing is that the source of income is still the same, but the price of things is going higher everyday. How will one cope in a situation like this?


I believe that people are already adjusting. But Incase you have not started adjusting, make sure you start as early as possible. The earlier the better. Reduce the way you spend. Save more for feeding. For me, I don't even talk about buying clothes now, I don't also talk about shoes or even bags. All I care now is just to make sure my family eat well. That is all that matters to me. I don't also attend so many functions now. I just choose the ones that are important and attend. Most times I don't even go out, because if I try to go visiting any friend I know how much I will be spending on transportation alone. All thanks to HIVE that keeps me company at home when everyone has gone out and I am left alone.

In summary, everyone of us is already affected. We need to do all that we can to stop. Yes, I am saying this because I know that we can help in one way or the other. You know that they say what goes round comes around. So, if you purposely increase your own price, you will still use the same gain to buy things very expensive in the market. So, of what use is the excess gain to us.

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