Important days coming ✍️💰


Good evening to all my friends. I hope you all are doing well. I am having a good day. Morning i woke up early went office and did all the pending work within time. Few hours ago came back home, just had dinner and now writing this post. So let's talk about crypto market. Bitcoin dumped to 42.8k and now again back to 43.6k. Everyone looking bullish and i am smelling a big crash 😁. Btw today SEC tells spot Bitcoin ETF applicants to update submissions by December 29 if they want to be approved in the first wave. So there's so much updates & meetings are going on which need to look. It gives an idea about what's going to happen.






As i said many times that market's worst phase is ended and now we are on the start of bullrun or you can say already started. Few ups & down will come but at the end of 2025 we will be sitting on so money. For now we just to have patience and buy the good coins. Don't forget to add Bitcoin in your portfolio because you know how market works. First bitcoinetherlargecapsmidcapsshitcoins~fiat and the cycle goes on. Few coins which i suggested long time ago are now booming and gave us a very good profit. Let's see what happens in upcoming days. Till then take yourself, btw if you want to watch the latest market update then watch this Thanks & have a good day!!


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